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Pastry Cookie

"In the name of the Dough, the Oven, and the Witches, I shall fulfil my sacred duty!" Pastry Cookie left her name and her past behind on the day of her Sacred Brining when she was rebaked as a devoted sister of the Holy Pastry Order. "... like a rolling pin flattening the many layers of pastry dough into uniformity, hardships and suffering produce the endurance to conquer the temptations of our crumbly bodies and souls." Now, looking from under the golden phyllo veil, these eyes see nothing else but a turbulent world to be rebuilt in the Order's image. Wielding the Fork of Judgement, her consecrated crossbow, Pastry Cookie has set on her next mission to investigate a tainted shrine. And you would be wise not to stand in her way: the cruel cold metal hungers to deliver judgement.

Pastry Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Battle Prayer
Clock cooldown icon13s

Battle Prayer

Injustice shall be purged! After a regular attack, Pastry Cookie fires an arrow of light at the nearest enemy. Under the effect of the Battle Prayer, the Cookie's regular attack DMG and ATK SPD are increased.


Shadow Sister

Shadow Sister

Pastry Cookie has finally learned all the secrets of the order and has vowed to keep them from the world. She has been granted the dark robes—just like the shadows of the night she walks upon. Tis a sad, unfortunate day.