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Peppermint Cookie

Mint leaves for Peppermint Cookie were gathered from a town near the clear sea. This Cookie likes to spend time at the shore, staring dreamily at the horizon, or playing the shell ocarina. An old friend, the Peppermint Whale, often appears to the sound for company. Peppermint Cookie treasures the simple but unchanging things, just like the waves that come and go. May the Cookie's smile remain unchanging as well!

Peppermint Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Freshness of the Sea
Clock cooldown icon17s

Freshness of the Sea

Peppermint Cookie blows the conch shell to summon the Peppermint Whale. The refreshing sound of the conch shell heals the team, increasing their DMG Resist and Debuff Resist. The Peppermint Whale creates a wave, dealing Water-type damage to enemies in front of it, and also Heals the allies for an amount equal to a portion of the damage dealt. Fresh water brought by the whale covers the team with an HP Shield. Peppermint Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects while using the skill.