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Raspberry Cookie

Amidst the generous raspberry fields illuminated by the Hollyberry Kingdom's hot sun, proudly stands the grand Chateau Raspberry. In this place of history and culture, Raspberry Cookie was born and raised. Just like her great ancestors, she began fencing even before she learned the intricacies of aristocratic etiquette and rhetoric. Raspberry Cookie has been molded to become the heir and defender of the noble House Raspberry, sworn to protect its legacy. With her sword in hand, elegantly glazed hair fluttering in the summer breeze, and the proud House Raspberry banners behind her back, Raspberry Cookie is about to claim another victory from the clasp of fate.

Raspberry Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicCharge IconChargeFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

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Raspberry Reprise
Clock cooldown icon14s

Raspberry Reprise

Quickly dashes at the enemy with the highest ATK and continuously stabs them. The attack briefly reduces the hit target's ATK for a while. While Raspberry Cookie is using her skill, she will be more resistant to interrupting effects.


Royal Knight

Royal Knight

Grace, swordsmanship, she excels in all! It's official: the acclaimed Raspberry Cookie is finally becoming a knight! Now every Cookie in the Hollyberry Kingdom is talking about her impeccable manners and elegance.