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Snow Sugar Cookie

Made of snow, sugar, and an unknown secret ingredient, this Cookie was once very lonely, wandering through a vast snowy field. Then one day, Snow Sugar Cookie found a magic wand that could summon snow creatures and wouldn't melt even in the oven. The Cookie quickly learned to summon friends like the Sea Snow Cone and the Great Snow King and was never lonely again.

Snow Sugar Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicMagic IconMagicMiddle IconMiddle

Starter Toppings

Recommended topping 1Recommended topping 2Recommended topping 3Recommended topping 4Recommended topping 5
Clock cooldown icon20s


Waves the Snow Sugar Wand to summon the Snow King that causes a snowstorm, dealing area damage over time. Frozen enemies suffer from lowered Attack Speed. Snow King is resistant to certain action and movement interrupting effects. While Snow Sugar Cookie is using their skill, they will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


Snowy Jiangshi

Snowy Jiangshi

There was this one time when Snow Sugar Cookie dressed up in a costume and stole every Cookie's heart. Feeling confident from the past success, they're ready to make new friends in this year's Halloween party as well! Good luck, Snow Sugar Cookie!

Night Sky Symphony

Night Sky Symphony

You never know when you'll come across the gorgeous northern lights on a cold winter night, and that's the beauty of it! Snow Sugar Cookie wrote a song about the vibrant aurora dancing in the deep dark sky, and they're ready to sing it to the whole world!