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Sparkling Cookie

This is the day! You have received an invitation to the famous Sparkling Party. Sparkling Cookie greets you personally with a dazzling smile and offers a glass of Sparkling Juice. All the guests are fascinated with his impeccable manners and looks: his boyish rolled up sleeves and bouncy bubble hair. It is going to be the best holiday party ever!

Sparkling Cookie PortraitEpic shine
EpicHealing IconHealingRear IconRear

Starter Toppings

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Sparkling Cocktail
Clock cooldown icon13s

Sparkling Cocktail

Throws refreshing healing cocktails at two allies with the lowest HP. The cocktail's divine aroma raises the whole squad's morale, increasing their Critical Strike Chance.


Golden Star Guest

Golden Star Guest

Who's that dashing Cookie in glimmering gold? Why, it's none other than Sparkling Cookie of course! If you happen to sit next to him, he'll offer you a glass of golden juice with a friendly smile. Is it the juice that's making you blush? Or his smile? We'll never know!

Pink Bubbly Fizz

Pink Bubbly Fizz

Every time pink bubbles fuzz(sic) over the glass, all the Cookies sitting at the bar will swoon as well. "Would you like to try some rosé sparkling juice? I have prepared(sic) just... for... you." With such a suave voice, it's no wonder why all the Cookies are blushing over him!