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Squid Ink Cookie

Squid Ink Cookie came out of the oven not even a little bit crispy. Maybe that's because of all the viscous ink inside! The Cookie was found floating along the seashore, all weak and confused. There is a theory that this Cookie is the legendary treasure-eating sea monster that attacked treasure ships, hungry for more gold. But Squid Ink Cookie can't remember anything of that and spends all the time oozing blackish inky tears.

Squid Ink Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Ink Tentacle Slap
Clock cooldown icon16s

Ink Tentacle Slap

Whoa, where did the small and squishy Cookie go? Why is there a giant monster from the Tropical Soda Islands instead?! Getting hit by that attack is gonna flatten you like a Cookie! The Giant Squid of the Deep Sea will appear out of nowhere and quickly slap the foes, dealing massive damage several times.


Aurora Dreams

Aurora Dreams

After one particulary stormy night, the aurora lights painted the sky with iridescent, raidaint colors reaching the very depths of the sea. At that moment, Squid Ink Cookie realized there was more to the night sky than they ever knew.