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Stormbringer Cookie

Way up above, where clouds form and scatter, the Heaven-Splitter lies sheathed in the heaviest cloud. This divine weapon is the very essence of Stormbringer Cookie herself! Forged from the lightning that first struck Earthbread, legends tell that the Heaven-Splitter can cut anything into two. Its powers are so mystifying that it once split a huge tower and even created day and night by slashing through the skies! Then, Stormbringer Cookie gathered Life Powder and brought the Deities of Rain, Wind, and Clouds to life, thus creating the sacred cycle of Life Powder... This Cookie may sometimes laze around, munching on candied clouds, but whenever someone challenges her power, she wields her Heaven-Splitter high, ready to unleash her wrath! Be careful of what you pray to the skies, as even an inkling of arrogance will send Stormbringer Cookie to strike down with her lightning bolt!

Stormbringer Cookie PortraitLegendary shine
LegendaryCharge IconChargeFront IconFront

Starter Toppings

Recommended topping 1Recommended topping 2Recommended topping 3Recommended topping 4Recommended topping 5
Lightning Blitzstorm
Clock cooldown icon13s

Lightning Blitzstorm

Stormbringer Cookie, the ruler of the skies and lightning, becomes Supercharged when her CRIT% exceeds a certain percentage at the start of the battle, granting Supercharge buffs to Electricity-type ally Cookies. When Stormbringer Cookie becomes Supercharged, her regular attacks trigger Chain Lightning after a certain number of hits. Upon using her skill, she swings her Heaven Splitter, dealing damage to enemies and inflicting Zap. Whenever allies deal Electricity-type damage, it activates Stormbringer's Aura and inflicts Stormbringer's Punishment upon reaching a certain amount of stacks. Stormbringer's Punishment deals damage and inflicts Overcurrent on enemies. If enemies are inflicted with Zap, they receive extra damage and their status changes to Overcurrent. Stormbringer's Aura resets when Stormbringer's Punishment is activated.