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Vampire Cookie

The Witch, busy baking several Cookies at once, had forgotten to use her favorite high-quality grapes. Instead, she stored them in oak barrels and let age for a long, long time. And with that special grape juice, she made Vampire Cookie. Naturally, it was difficult for Vampire Cookie to wake up at first—after all, his dough contained more than 10% of strong grape juice! Unlike the other cookies, Vampire Cookie prefers to do nothing but enjoy life. He wasn't even bothered by the heat of the oven and only escaped because his sister Alchemist Cookie dragged him outside. With his pale face and smug posture, he likes to relax with a glass of grape juice and ponder the meaning of life.

Vampire Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Clock cooldown icon13s


Turns into a bat and attacks the farthest enemy, drinking their blood and restoring some HP depending on the amount of caused damage. Restores some HP with each Regular Attack.




"Cheers to my brilliant sister and her alchemy!" Vampire Cookie is ecstatic about the so-called "failed" experiment. He got to taste an exquisite pink concoction that tastes sweet, sour, AND smooth, so all is good.



Recently, Vampire Cookie fell in love with luxurious white grape juice with its bright, jubilant fizz and clean, complex taste. His generally... relaxed and somewhat sluggish attitude towards everything else remains unchanged.