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Crit/Speed/One Shot Comp

Created by SandyStorm57
Updated Mar 6, 2023

Oyster CookieCaramel Arrow CookieCaptain Caviar CookieMilky Way CookieRye Cookie
Game ModeArena
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon14.4s


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Old Pilgrim's Scroll

Bad Against

This team is not very good against team comps that are either tie comps, Triple tanks, Defense oriented, or anything that can withstand one shot comps. Tea knight comps with revive/Insignia that focus on getting everyone else besides Tea Knight to die, is scary, especially if you know the Tea Knight has a high Promotion rank or high level. If the Tea Knight is hidden, and/or you see that other cookies are level 70-75, I advise using a different team to counter this, but in most cases you should be fine.

Good Against

Everything except for what it is Bad against, not exceptionally good against a specific team, but a very good team, nonetheless.


Note:The Empty Treasures are Divine Honey Cream Crown and Dream Conductor's Whistle.
This team is basically a crit comp, combined with a one shot comp, with Caramel Arrow having an element of a speed comp.The order of the battle should be the whistle boosting everyone’s crit% by 15% and Caramel Arrow and Rye should get an attack and Dmg resist boost.(NOTE:Make sure that Caramel arrow has more power than Captain caviar cookie. Otherwise, the Whistle will give the Whistle buff to Captain Caviar instead of caramel arrow.) Since Oyster is running full cooldown, she will be the first cookie to use her skill. Her skill grants Crit% and Crit Damage(relative to her skill level, but base is around 16% for Crit% and 13% for Crit Damage.)Then around the same time, the Divine Honey Cream Crown should activate, and give Rye a boost for Crit% and Crit dmg. Then Caramel arrow should activate her skills.(NOTE: Make sure Captain Caviar and Milky Way’s substats are invested into cooldown. That way when Caramel Arrow’s Skill activates, both Caviar and Milky Way cookie start to drop the enemy’s defense.) The Attack Speed toppings on Caramel Arrow might not seem meta, because they're not. However, Caramel arrow is the secondary damage dealer. Although she deals massive damage, there is a reason why she has no Attack Toppings. Her main job as an attacker is to stack as many arrow marks on enemies, which is why she needs the Attack Speed toppings. The arrow Mark’s purpose is when her skill timer ends, she rushes forward and does massive damage to those who have the arrow mark. WIth some skills making the user invulnerable for a short period of time, it can be hard to stack arrow marks on enemies. The crit toppings are there to complement the crit buffs given, and hopefully, score crits on her final attack. For Caramel Arrow’s substats, she should run dmg resist or crit% on her Bouncy Caramel, and Attack Speed on her crit toppings. Rye is the main attacker, and for his topping Substats, run a combination of Cooldown and DMG resist. Make the cooldown just enough to activate at about the same moment as Caviar and Milky Way. (NOTE:Make Sure to have Rye’s Magic candy at least at +10. I do not recommend you use this team, unless you are at +10.) Rye’s Magic candy effect gives an attack speed buff to all allies, also complimenting CA, but in this comp, Rye is going to be the most damage. Rye is a very Simple skill design, but does massive damage with the magic candy. Rye will also get the Whistle buff increasing Attack and DMG resist.

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