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Brawl Stars is now on NOFF!

Brawl Stars is now on NOFF.GG

Brawl Stars, the action battle game from Supercell, is now on NOFF! In this game, you play as unique Brawlers to battle against other players online in different game modes.

Build Guides

On the site, we have guides made by the community to help you learn new strategies and choose which items to use for a Brawler. There you can see which Gadget, Star Power, and Gears are best to use for each character.

With the Build Creator, you can also add specific Game Modes for the Brawler and which characters work well with the build for your team.

Player Profiles

Search for yourself or another player using their Brawl Stars player tag to view their profile. There you can see all their current stats, a graph of their recent battle trophy progression, and more.

The profile page also has a battle log of recent battles and the player’s collection of Brawlers. From the battles, you can view which Brawlers have been used the most including their win and pick rate.


We’ve collected all the Brawler data from the game onto the site. On our Brawlers page, you can view and sort Brawlers based on their damage, health, special traits, and more to easily compare each character.

Then, you can select a Brawler to go to their specific page to learn about their abilities, Gadgets, Star Powers, and stats.

If you’d like to further compare the Brawlers, we have a Brawl Stars Tier List that ranks each character based on a few different factors. Using data from the top 200 players in the game, we calculate the best Brawlers based on their win and pick rate.

This list, along with the Leaderboards, are updated daily so you can stay on top of the current meta.