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Squad Busters Is Almost Here!

On May 29th, Squad Busters will be launching worldwide! This is Supercell’s first game in 6 years to be going global. With that in mind, there’s much to be excited for, but much to learn.

Squad Busters is a PvE/PvP multiplayer mobile game jam-packed with characters from all of Supercell’s IPs. The game includes characters from Clash, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and even Hay Day!

Squad Busters chest of Greg, Dynamike, and Witch.

In the game, you play matches where you are head-to-head against 9 other players to end up with the most Gems. To collect Gems, you can chop down trees, defeat Monsters, or bust other players.

There are lots of different game modes, many characters to choose from, and plenty to upgrade. Here at NOFF, you can view all the Characters from the game and a Squad Busters Tier List to see which would be great to add to your squad.

The site also has Spells, Battle Mods, and a stats table of all the Characters to easily compare each unit. To compare squads, we have a Squad Simulator, which allows you to build up theoretical teams to view their total damage and health.

To pre-register for Squad Busters, you can go to Google Play or the App Store.