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Squad Busters Tier List

The ranking for Squad Busters characters can be broken down into many different factors. With each evolution offering a different ability and fusions upgrading their stats, there is a lot to consider when comparing each unit.

So, this tier list is a generalized overview of all of that to give you a high-level perspective on the best characters you'll want to upgrade and add to your squad. To go a bit more in-depth, you can read further below on some specific comparisons.

Best Character for Each Class

All-Rounder All-Rounder - Barbarian

Barbarian is a solid unit to have in your squad that can be great to get you started. He has a Common rarity, so he shouldn't be too hard to obtain. He has a good amount of health and damage. Plus, his ability to become Elite can give you that extra boost you need to win battles. Overall, this is what you should expect from an All-Rounder.

Attacker Attacker - Archer Queen

Archer Queen is such a good Attacker because of her first ability, which increases the attack speed of other ranged units in your squad. Many of the other Attackers also have ranged attacks. So she can be super powerful if you already have some in your squad to further dominate the map.

Defender Defender - Barbarian King

Not only does Barbarian King have the highest health in the game, he has an Iron Fist ability. This makes him a very strong Defender who can also deal tons of damage up front. So far, he is one of the best characters in the game, especially when you have a lot of melee units in your squad he can boost.

Healer Healer - Battle Healer

Healers are very important to have in your squad so you can maintain a strong presence and recover after battles. Battle Healer is great for this because she heals the squad every time you open a chest. And since you get a free chest after busting a squad, you'll always have a way to heal after a duel. That, in combination with her high health, makes her the best Healer who can also stick around through battles.

Speedster Speedster - Hog Rider

Hog Rider is a great Speedster to have in your Squad when you need speed the most, running away from opponents. This is because he increases the duration of Turbo. This allows you to outrun other squads during a chase to either bust them or not get busted.

Supplier Supplier - Penny

Penny deals some of the greatest damage in the game. But somehow, she's also a Supplier! The fact that she can find keys is such a good bonus to have, making her the best Supplier to start a match and build up a strong squad.

Characters With the Best Abilities

The first characters to be introduced with the best abilities are Barbarian King and Archer Queen. Their first ability buffs either the ranged or melee units by making them attack faster. This can be such a strong skill to use if you create a squad for their specific attack type.

Characters with more unique abilities are Penny, Wizard, and Tank. Penny's Classic ability gives her the chance to find keys from treasure. This can be so helpful to give you a boost early game or to add another unit when the cost is too high.

Wizard's Classic ability, allows you to hold 2 Spells at once. This can be very useful when attacking other players if you need to deal extra damage or heal. Tank's Baby ability allows her to, unsurprisingly, take control of tanks around the map.

Overall, some of the best abilities in Squad Busters are held by Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Tank, Penny, and Wizard.

Tier List FAQ

What are the best characters in Squad Busters?

The best characters to have in your squad are Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Tank, Hog Rider, and Penny.

How often do top tier characters change?

Characters considered to be the best to play are constantly changing. There are a few different factors that can take place for a character to move up and down the tiers. However, the most prominent would be from balance changes where a character's stats or abilities can change. In these instances, a character may be updated to deal more damage or have a new ability that pairs very well with another character. These changes can happen weekly, though balance changes are mostly pushed out along with other updates to the game that can occur monthly.

About The Squad Busters Tier List

Having the right characters in your squad is one of the most important factors for winning a match in Squad Busters. By picking the best units in a balanced combination, you'll be able to win battles against other squads and effectively fight off monsters.

Above, we have a tier list of the best characters in Squad Busters. The list is a general overview of the characters for all evolutions so you can learn which would be good to upgrade out of the game and which would be good to play in the game.

The Tier list is structured in the following categories:

S - Top-tier. Generally considered the best and most common choices.

A - Great. Worthwhile in their own right, but especially as a compliment to more powerful characters.

B - Good. You won't be unhappy choosing these characters, and you might even find they synergize well with others.

C - Okay. Typically, average characters whose inclusion begins to limit your skill ceiling.

D - Bad. Situational at best.

F - Bottom-tier. Generally considered the worst and least optimal to play.