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Mighty Miner4 Elixir

Mighty Miner

Unlocks at King Level 14

Walk softly... and carry a big drill! This Champion deals increasing Damage to his target and can switch lanes to escape combat or change attack plans. This makes him not only the mightiest, but also the sneakiest Miner in the Arena.

Damage Per Second
Damage Per Second100-1000
Hit Speed
Hit Speed0.4sec
RangeMelee: Long

Explosive Escape

Mines underground to the opposite lane, leaving a bomb at the original location. Surprise!

Area Damage
Area Damage334
TargetsAir & Ground
Deploy Time
Deploy Time3sec


Based on the top performing decks in matches, this card synergizes best with these cards.

Firecracker3 Elixirs
The Log2 Elixirs
Earthquake3 Elixirs
Skeletons1 Elixir

About Mighty Miner

This is a dedicated page for the Mighty Miner card and its stats. Mighty Miner is a troop card, is of Champion rarity, and has an elixir cost of 4. This card can be retrieved once you get to King Level 14, adding it to the pool of all your existing cards.

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