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Arena 7 Miner Deck

Created by Diz08
Updated Sep 19, 2022

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The miner is hungry of crown towers... and the wallbreakers too. Ready to feed them?


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Miner3 ElixirWall Breakers2 ElixirInferno Tower5 ElixirDark Prince4 ElixirBats2 ElixirSkeletons1 ElixirRocket6 ElixirZap2 Elixir

Stats lvl 11

Elixir Icon
Avg. Elixir3.1
Damage Icon
Avg. DMG390
Damage Per Second Icon
Avg. DPS201.3
Hitpoints Icon
Avg. HP582


1Legendary icon
2Epic icon
2Rare icon
3Common icon

Arena Level



Your main attack is miner. He can be alone, but is better with WB or bats. This combo maybe does little damage, thats why you have the rocket (Throw rockets only in x2-3 elixir, to charge faster ur elixir). Also, use the zap if your enemy has skarmy, goblins or bats in defence for the miner combo.

Your main defences are the dark prince and Inferno tower. One is for splash damage for swarms or the witch, and the other is for big tanks (Giant, R-Giant, Skelly giant, MK, P.E.K.K.A.) U can use skeletons to distract one objective-troops (Minions, Knight, Mega Minion, Mini pekka) putting them on the middle and the princess tower will help you un defense. For musketeer put them surrounding her. If the troop doesn't die with skeletons, use bats (or Dark Prince if the card has many live yet).

If in the defense the bats or the dark prince still alive, join them a miner with WB if you have enough elixir.

The good thing of this deck is that has a fast cycle, so you can rotate your cards faster than your opponent. Also, take advantage in x1 elixir, is the strongest moment of the game.

Good luck and have fun!


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