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Hog Mortar

Created by Ducklemon
Updated Apr 1, 2023

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Mainly pressure with mortar or rush with hog rider.


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Mortar4 ElixirFireball4 ElixirArrows3 ElixirMusketeer4 ElixirHog Rider4 ElixirMinions3 ElixirKnight3 ElixirSpear Goblins2 Elixir

Stats lvl 11

Elixir Icon
Avg. Elixir3.4
Damage Icon
Avg. DMG252
Damage Per Second Icon
Avg. DPS100.6
Hitpoints Icon
Avg. HP740


3Rare icon
5Common icon

Arena Level



Your main offense is Mortar and Hog Rider. Mortar is good for getting lots of chip damage and can force the opponent to attack on your side. Mortar can also be used as an emergency building for defense. Hog Rider is used for rushing, you can either split the attack or use the Mortar to defend the Hog Rider.

Your main defense is Minions, Spear Goblins, Knight, and Musketeer. Use Minions to quickly take ground targeting units, from huge pushes like P.E.K.K.A. to swarms like Skarmy. Knight is good for taking higher health units like Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Musketeer. Use him on your side with the princess tower to get positive elixir trades . Use Musketeer for air units. She's really good for countering Dragons. Also use her to do chip damage along with your offensive cards. Spear Goblins are cheap distracting units that can also target air units.

Your spell cards are Fireball and Arrows. Use Fireball to either take crown towers or destroy hoards of mid-health units, like Musketeer, Wizard, and Barbarians. Use Arrows to take out low-health swarms, like Skarmy and Goblins. Also use it to wipe out Goblin Barrels, but place it before it lands, when you can see it in the air.

If there's any changes you can make, please share.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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