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Versatile Spellbait

Created by Cullenator
Updated Mar 9, 2024

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Bait spells, and defend or push accordingly


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Skeletons1 ElixirRascals5 ElixirGoblin Barrel3 ElixirSkeleton Army3 ElixirMini P.E.K.K.A4 ElixirDark Prince4 ElixirCannon3 ElixirArrows3 Elixir

Stats lvl 11

Elixir Icon
Avg. Elixir3.3
Damage Icon
Avg. DMG184
Damage Per Second Icon
Avg. DPS130.1
Hitpoints Icon
Avg. HP453


3Epic icon
1Rare icon
4Common icon

Arena Level



NOTE: Skeletons are NOT a major part of this deck. They are alright for distracting troops, getting extra tower hits, and defense, but if you don’t have Evo Skeletons they aren’t necessary. If you don’t have them, I recommend replacing them with another evo, or any other card of your choice. Arrows & Cannon are also a personal preference of mine, but any other spell that’s fairly cheap works fine. Some buildings may be worse in specific scenarios then Cannon.

BAITING: Rascals, Skeleton Army, & Goblin Barrel, are all spell-luring troops. Countering with Rascals or Skeleton Army are good ways to bait spells, although using Goblin Barrel also works. I recommend Goblin Barrel or Rascals for trying to get hits on the tower after luring.

VERSATILITY: This deck shines on offense but can defend well as long as your actions are precise and quick. Cannon is a great distraction, and you can use any of the other cards to defend accordingly. Rascals work well for defending and then counterattacking. If Rascal Boy dies, try and replace him with Dark Prince or Mini Pekka so the Rascal Girls can get more tower hits without dying

WEAKNESSES: This deck struggles against 2 spell decks, and there’s not a whole lot of fix for that besides outplaying your opponent. AoE troops (especially Valkyrie, Witch, & Mega Knight) can really screw with this deck’s whole purpose of baiting spells and then attacking. Air troops are also hard to defend against without Rascals. (All the more reason to replace Skeletons with what you want)

Cannon in the center of your field can counter Valkyrie, and sometimes Witch

Dark Prince can counters Witch

I do not recommend using Goblin Barrel and Rascals at the same time at the beginning. Log can easily take down those both in one sweep, and then your opponent is up 5 elixir.

When pushing with Rascals, try nestling a Mini Pekka, or Dark Prince in between the Rascal Girls and behind the Rascal Boy so the Rascal Girls live as long as possible.


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