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Licorice abyss Team Comp

Created by SandyStorm57
Updated Feb 15, 2023

Macaron CookieWerewolf CookieSquid Ink CookieRye CookieCaptain Caviar Cookie
Game ModeGuild Battle
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon14.4s


Magic Icon
Charge Icon
Ranged Icon
Bomber Icon




Old Pilgrim's ScrollPilgrim's SlingshotSquishy Jelly Watch


This team is mainly Used to get the most potential out of the three magic candy users, Squid, Rye and Werewolf. Macaron is there to provide Attack buffs, and the Crit% buffs. The Attack Buffs will be good, but the Crit% is what is going to really matter for Both Werewolf and Squid ink, as they both have Crit toppings on, while Squid Ink runs a mixed Set. These Crits will have a massive effect, dealing 1.5x the origianal damage. The crit% will also effect Rye and Caviar, because even though they do not have any crit boost toppings (except maybe for the substats), their skills hit multiple times(they are multihit attacks), giving a better chance to crit and do extra damage. (NOTICE!!! Squid Ink, Rye, and Werewolf only work in this comp if you have their magic candies. If not, invest in them right away and use this team for now.{}) Now Searing Rasberry might seem optimal for captain caviar, but his main job is to inflict that defense reduction, so the others can do a bunch of damage. For the slingshot treasure, try to time it to mostly to rye and squid inks skill, but also werewolfs final blow.(werewolfs skill has consistent damage throughout the skill duration so the final blow will do the most damage for one blow, but I would prioritize getting rye and squid inks skill on the def reduction more.) I hope you like this team comp, and thank you for looking at this team.

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