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Avatar of Destiny Team

Created by SandyStorm57
Updated Mar 21, 2023

Macaron CookieSquid Ink CookieRye CookieCaptain Caviar CookieCherry Blossom Cookie
Game ModeGuild Battle
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon15.6s


Magic Icon
Ranged Icon
Bomber Icon
Ambush Icon




Old Pilgrim's ScrollSquishy Jelly Watch


This is a guide on how to utilize this avatar of destiny team.(NOTE: The empty treasure slot is the order's sacred fork. Also be sure to have both squid ink and rye magic candy) This is a team similar to a team featured in Kodeation's videos.(Go check him out on YouTube.) This team has been changed with a few different changes like toppings, and a cookie change. Now the first thing that happens when you get into battle is that you activate Macarons skill as soon as it activates. Then when the boss appears, immediately use Cherry Blossoms skill. Then use Captain Caviar’s skill first, then immediately after, use Rye’s skill. Then wait for the pillars to come down. As soon as there are three pillars down, use Squid Ink’s skill. That will place squid ink in a position where it can hit all of the pillars. Then before the energy balls come out use both Macaron and Ryes skill at the same time. Then repeat the process, except this time use your squid ink as soon as you get the cooldown. This time use Captain Caviar’s skill to break the pillars. This is the guide on how to play Avatar of Destiny in this team. COOKIE TOPPING SUBSTATS. Macaron Cookie Should Focus on cooldown and DMG resist. Squid Ink should Focus on Cooldown and Attack. Rye should Focus on cooldown and DMG resist. Cherry Blossom should actually balance between cooldown and Amplify buff. Now, amplify buff is a very unusual choice, seeing as it has almost no use. In some cases, it increases purify, debuff, and healing abilities. However, in Most cases it increases the duration of all buffs. Now Cherry Blossoms ability stacks 2.5% attack up to 10 times.(25% max attack boost.) However the buff only lasts for 12 seconds. Amplify buff will greatly help in increasing the attack power for your team until her skill cooldown resets.(You can use the amplify buff toppings if you want). Captain Caviar’s substats should go towards attack and crit%. Thank you for viewing this team.

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