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Frosty MoonDust

Created by Sanidhya
Updated May 22, 2023

Hollyberry CookieSherbet CookieStardust CookieMoonlight CookieFrost Queen Cookie
Game ModeArena
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon15.4s


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Old Pilgrim's ScrollSugar Swan's Shining FeatherDream Conductor's Whistle

Bad Against

Mirror and other one shot teams. And any team with vampire in it.

Good Against

Werewolf-Hollyberry comp, Wildberry-Hollyberry comp, BTS comp, Pure Vanilla comp, Prophet etc.


Hollyberry reduces CRIT received by the entire team by 35% for 9 seconds with her Damage Focus. CRIT hits help her in stacking the Seed of Life and also increases her HP by 5%. When the Seed of Life blooms into Berry of life after x15 stacks, her cool down for the next Seed of Life decreases. And her next charge also stuns the enemy for 2 sec. With SC toppings, we make sure that most of the time she is protecting the team from CRIT hits. Make sure to have atleast 25% DMG resist via substats.

Sherbet Cookie attacks everyone but in most teams, damage dealers have the highest ATK so they take priority. He attacks with 15 shards divided equally between everyone. Frost Shards DMG is 74% per shard. He also reduces their ATK speed by 5% for 16 secs. His Warm Light of Life effect is useless as this is a no-healer comp. He can also freeze the target for 1 sec with an 8% chance. It increases by 2% per stack of frost. Three SR toppings are used to increase the ATK and two Juicy Apple Jelly toppings help in stacking frost. Make sure to have atleast 25% DMG resist with over 30% ATK and about 15-18% CRIT. Also, ATK SPD is not mandatory but it helps. I only had 3.4 ATK SPD but that was enough.

Stardust cookie's skill Sign of the Stars targets the opponent's main damage dealer and prevents it from gaining buffs, decreases their ATK by 30%, healing by 40% and increases the DMG received by 35%. Also, he will deal area damage equal to 436.2% of ATK and amplify debuffs the enemies receive. We are using five Juicy Apple Jellies to increase the chance of a critical hit which makes the target fall asleep. If the main damage dealer perishes, the chances of victory are high. And if the skill is dispelled, the target and the nearby enemies will receive damage equal to 1005% of ATK. Also, his DMG resist increases 35% for 7.5 sec after using the skill. And when the enemies are asleep due to his skill or Moonlight Cookie's skill, Stardust Cookie summons meteors to attack them. Make sure to have around 25% DMG resist and 45-50% CRIT%. A little bit of ATK would be nice(not mandatory). I had 10.8%.

Moonlight Cookie does AOE damage, applies a DMG increase debuff that increases DMG by 25% for 12 secs and also puts the enemies to sleep. She also decreases the enemies ATK speed by 15% for 15 secs. SR toppings with 25% DMG resist are good enough for her survival as she also heals herself for 29.8% of ATK. If that wasn't enough, she also heals herself after waking up from an enemy Moonlight's sleep. Only one shot teams or vampire can kill her instantly.

Frost queen cookie freezes the enemies for 2 secs(except enemy Frost queen)and deals 510.8% of ATK DMG after freeze. Also, she reduces the ATK SPD by 10% for 20 sec. She has five SR toppings with O DMG resist. This is important because we want her to freeze the enemies and deal DMG once. Then die, revive and do the same thing again.

This team reduces the enemy's ATK SPD by 30%. Since this team is squishy, we are using the Dream Conductor's whistle to increase the DMG resist. The other two treasures are the old pilgrim's scroll to increase the ATK and the Sugar Swan's shining feather to revive Frost Queen Cookie.

While this team doesn't defeat every team, it can help you in defeating the current meta. Happy Climbing 😊

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