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About Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Alliance Teams

All the best Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Alliance teams. The Cookie Alliance is a great source of two things: Time Skips and Guild Relics. While you can get Time Skips from various other activities in the game, it's rare to earn Guild Relics from other sources, so it's important to run this mode to get those relics.

This game mode is unique in one rather large way: you bring 5 teams with you instead of 1. You need a total of 25 characters. You can light a beacon that lets your whole team act as though they are level 60 so you don't need to level them all up, but leveling them up anyway lets you access higher levels of skills and toppings, which the beacon doesn't provide.

When you create your teams, even though you can only use a cookie once, you can use the same treasure for each team. So Old Pilgrim's Scroll can be on all 5 teams for you to maximize your ATK. Optionally, of course, you can also choose to use different treasures for each team.

During the Cookie Alliance run, you fight waves of enemies, one wave at a time. Every 4 ways is a boss. You can swap between teams freely, aside from a cooldown that occurs each time you switch. If a team hasn't been knocked out, you can switch back to it. This means you can create one team that's focus is taking out bosses, while another team is more focused on taking out waves of enemies.

Have a good team that works for you when pushing through the cookie alliance's waves? Create a team and share it with the community today! Set your team's game mode to “Cookie Alliance” so other users know which mode your team works best for. Considering how many teams and waves there are in Cookie Alliance, it can be very helpful to fill out the Guide section to let people know when to switch between teams and why.

Cookie Run: Kingdom graphic with GingerBrave and a kingdom