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My Team

Created by JoestarKujo
Updated Aug 14, 2022

Team 1
Wildberry CookieDark Cacao CookieSea Fairy CookieClotted Cream CookiePure Vanilla Cookie
Hollyberry CookieCaramel Arrow CookieEclair CookieSorbet Shark CookieCotton Cookie
Crunchy Chip CookieTea Knight CookiePumpkin Pie CookieFrost Queen CookieCream Puff Cookie
Kumiho CookieStrawberry Crepe CookieEspresso CookieAffogato CookieCream Unicorn Cookie
Financier CookieMadeleine CookieLicorice CookieVampire CookieCustard Cookie III
Game ModeCookie Alliance
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon15.4s


Defense Icon
Charge Icon
Bomber Icon
Magic Icon
Healing Icon




Bookseller's MonocleOld Pilgrim's ScrollSquishy Jelly Watch


Switch to team 2 for bosses, them go back to team 1.
When team 2 dies, keep using team 1 to lower enemy health and then use a different team to finish off the enemy (to preserve team 1's health).

Team 2 Notes: You can use either searing raspberry or swift chocolate for eclair, doesn't matter but I just use searing raspberry.

If you don't have cream puff that's fine.

Overall, it isn't the greatest, but teams 1 and 2 are the absolute best for me.

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