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How to Get Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, Cookies are the main characters that you use to build your party. They are primarily obtained from the Gacha by spending Crystals. You are able to obtain Cookie Cutters from various activities and events that allow you to do pulls for Cookies without spending Crystals but they will not be your main source of doing pulls.

Drawing Cookies from the Gacha

When you do pulls in the Gacha, you don't always obtain a full Cookie. Sometimes you will, instead, obtain Soulstones for a specific Cookie. Obtaining a certain number of a Cookie's Soulstones is another way to unlock them. The Mileage Shop has many different Epic-rarity Soulshards that you can purchase with your Mileage Points. Mileage Points are obtained slowly over time from just doing pulls in the Gacha.

If you obtain a Cookie from the Gacha that you already have unlocked, you will, instead, be given 20 Soulstones for the Cookie that can be used to upgrade it instead.