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What Toppings are in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, toppings are extra enhancements you're able to equip to any Cookie once they level up enough. As you level up further, you're able to equip even more toppings, up to a maximum of 5.

Toppings come in 3 different sizes: Extra Small (XS, Common), Small (S, Rare), and Medium (M, Epic). If you have a bigger topping, the base stats are higher, the maximum level you can raise it to is increased, and you can get more bonus stats from it.

Toppings can provide a variety of different stats, including Amplify Buff, ATK, ATK SPD, Cooldown Reduction, CRIT, CRIT Resist, Debuff Resist, DEF, DMG Resist, and HP. In addition to these stats, toppings have set bonuses, meaning if you equip multiple of the same type of topping, you get bonus stats.

Toppings have another feature with them: random stats. When reaching certain levels from being upgraded, toppings will gain a random stat. That stat can be any of the stats that are found on base toppings and the amount varies, meaning you may find yourself wanting to upgrade toppings repeatedly to try and roll the best stats at the highest amounts.