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How to Level Up My Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

You can level up your Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom in a few different ways.

  • Use them on your team when clearing Stages.
  • Use EXP Star Jellies.
  • Send them on Balloon Expeditions.

See below for more information on each method of earning EXP for your Cookies.

EXP Star Jellies

Various activities in the game reward you with EXP Star Jellies. This will be your primary source of EXP to level up your Cookies with. Cookie Houses in your Kingdom can be a large source of these jellies, so keep those built and upgrades to make sure you're getting as many as possible.

Star jelly exp

Clearing Stages

While clearing stages is another method of obtaining EXP for your Cookies to level them up, it is a very slow process. Generally speaking, even though this is an option, you won't be using stages as a source for leveling up your Cookies.

Balloon Expeditions

Like clearing stages, you won't usually be using Balloon Expeditions as a source of EXP to level up your Cookies. However, there are some advantages to using Balloon Expeditions. They take time to complete once you send Cookies out on them, (don't worry, you can keep using those Cookies in other game modes if you send them out here!) they complete over time, so they're a good "passive" way of gaining EXP. The main purpose of Balloon Expeditions will actually be the other rewards they bring back, not the EXP for your Cookies.

Balloon expedition exp