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Cookie Run: Kingdom Prestige

You may have stumbled across the following image and asked yourself one or more of the following questions, "What does prestige do? Do I need some? How do I get it? Do I spend it on something?"

Prestige leaderboard

The short answer: Prestige is basically nothing. It has no essential purpose or meaning and is not used for anything. You can effectively ignore the idea of prestige while you play the game.

Prestige is received when you receive gifts from other players, typically through their friends list. As you get more gifts sent to you, your prestige increases. This leaderboard is simply a list of people who have been sent the most gifts over time in the game. You could possibly use this number as an indicator for different things, like maybe how many friends a user has, but ultimately the prestige doesn't mean anything.

The last question you might be asking yourself: "Then why is there a leaderboard?" or "Then why is prestige in the game?"

The answer to that question is simple: we have no idea. The developers of the game could choose to remove both of these at any moment and the game would be entirely unaffected. However, some people do have fun with numbers like these in the game. A few friends could be playing the game together and trying to see which one of them can get the most prestige from adding other people in the game. You could just be curious how well your prestige holds up against others around the world. In any case, we don't know why it's in the game or if it will ever serve any purpose.