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Cookie Run: Kingdom Silence

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a bunch of different effects in the game. Many Cookies in the game have skills that apply these effects to either your team or your opponents team. One of the effects that causes the most confusion is silence. So, what does it mean when your Cookie is silenced?

When a Cookie is silenced, they cannot use their skill. They can continue to act normally in every other way. Even if your Cookie's skill is off of cooldown, they will be unable to use it until the silence effect comes off. This effect can be a great tool to use in order to defeat opponents due to their ability to stop a massive ability from being cast, or a heal from healing the enemy team. However, silence should be used carefully, as if you don't take out the opponent you're wanting silenced by the time it fades, they'll simply cast it then.

A strategy that you can use with a team that uses silence is to have multiple people who can silence and use their skills carefully back-to-back to try and keep enemies silenced for extended periods of time. Another strategy is to use a silence immediately so a support unit can get shields up on your team, that way when the silence wears off and the enemy attacks your team with their skill, you'll be protected.

Strategies around silence are hard to plan for in the arena due to battles being forced into "Auto" mode, so it can be advisable to avoid a team that focuses on silencing enemies here. That does not mean you should discount a team that has silences in it though, as they can still silence your team and defeat you before your silence comes off.

Beside Silence, there are many other status effects in the game that cause various different things to happen and knowing which ones to try and keep on the enemy team can be crucial to defeating your opponents. Check out our full list of status effects on our Cookie Run: Kingdom Glossary.