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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guild Battle Teams

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About Cookie Run: Kingdom Guild Battle Teams

All the best Cookie Run: Kingdom Guild Boss teams. The guild boss is different from typical game modes because instead of fighting several groups of enemies, or a single group of cookies, you just come out and fight a single boss by itself that occasionally summons assistance during the fight. Because of this difference, there are drastically different characters used in the teams that prove to hold up well against this dragon.

There's one goal for the Guild Boss: deal the most possible damage. This creates a secondary goal: survive long enough so you can do more damage. Being able to stay alive for the entire allotted timer allows you to deal more damage than if you were to only survive for 10 seconds.

An important note is that you don't want to sacrifice your damage for maximum healing and defense. A full 90-second defensive team may do less damage then a full offensive 10-second team. Finding a good balance of keeping your team alive while simultaneously dealing as much damage as possible will help you progress the further on your guild's leaderboard.

Have a good team that works for you when damaging the guild boss? Create a team and share it with the community today! Set your team's game mode to “Guild Battle” so other users know which mode your team works best for. If your team requires manual playing instead of automatic, be sure to mention in the notes when to use your Cookies' abilities.

Cookie Run: Kingdom graphic with GingerBrave and a kingdom