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Infinite Rage

Barbarian King

Created by UnKn0wn
Updated Dec 19, 2022


Infinite rage with Dg Barb and Lj



Hello i'm UnKn0wn

this is my deck I will do a tiny guide for the impatient ones

1. On the first round try to defend the rangers

2.The first upgrades you should get on each team player is Roar (barb) Expand (wiz) quick sip (lumber Jack) Long shot (dart Gob) and Dark armor (mega knight/ The Win condition)

3. Try to put mega knight ASAP

4. Priority for upgrades should be barb and lumber

These were my 4 rules to this deck I hope you enjoyed my explanation on how these things work!

Keep Raging!

Infinite Rage
Barbarian King
Mega Knight
Dart Goblin

Created Dec 19, 2022 by UnKn0wn


About This Deck

The deck Infinite Rage was created by UnKn0wn. This deck uses Barbarian King as the hero with Barbarian, Lumberjack, Wizard, Dart Goblin, and Mega Knight as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 13, DPS at 3.55, and HP at 62.

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