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Clash Mini Tier List

Clash Mini has 8 Heroes and 27 Minis. Only being able to use a team of 1 Hero and 5 Minis means you need to decide which Hero and Minis to use. Our Tier Lists are meant to help you make that decision.

Barbarian KingArcher
MonkSkeleton KingBarbarianIce WizardMagic ArcherMega Knight
Royal ChampionWave MasterGolden GiantSpear GoblinHealing RangerMinerPrince
CountessArcher QueenGiant SkeletonKnightDart GoblinBattle HealerBowlerRoyal GhostSwordsman
Shield MaidenFishermanElectro WizardMini P.E.K.K.AWizard
LumberjackSkeleton GuardP.E.K.K.AValkyrieWitchMusketeer

Created by our @Meta Contributors from the Noff Discord: Antt, Edvin, Marzz, MERESD, Mick, Previak, Robinet, SourinHigh.

About Our Clash Mini Tier Lists

Clash Mini has a ton of different units, heroes, and combinations of both that can be used in matches. It can be pretty overwhelming to try and decide which heroes and minis you should focus on first. We have this page to help guide you!

This Tier List is to help give you rough, general idea of units that are good and bad. There are many factors that can affect the accuracy list, the largest one being how you, as a player, play the game. You may be able to make low-tier characters outperform high-tier characters simply because of your play style.

If you'd like to contribute to the accuracy of this list, let us know on our Discord in our #cm-tier-list channel.

Generally speaking, the Tier Lists can be used as follows:

S+ - Overly powerful units. This tier may not always be used, but when it is, units here should always be used no matter what circumstance you're in. They're typically broken-powerful.

S - Top-tier units. These are the most optimal characters to play in general.

A - Great units. These are great options and provide good synergy to your deck.

B - Good units. While these characters aren't necessarily ideal to use, they can provide certain synergies that allow them to perform well.

C - Okay units. These characters are typically less than ideal to use.

D - Bad units. These characters should be avoided when possible.

F - Bottom-tier units. These characters are the least optimal characters to play in general.