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Clash Mini Tier List

You've found the Clash Mini tiers and tier list creator! Our Clash Mini tierlist is a guide for how to choose the best minis when you're limited to a team of only 6 characters given 12 heroes and 48 minis. Scroll down to see how to use our tierlist maker for yourself!

CountessPink FuryPrincessBattle BoxerDark PrinceHog Rider
Skeleton KingGrand WardenArcher QueenWizardArcherGiant SkeletonChompyMagic ArcherBowlerPrince
MonkRoyal ChampionShield MaidenValkyrieDart GoblinBattle HealerHealing RangerMega KnightMini P.E.K.K.AMusketeerDecoy AdeptElectro WizardGiantRoyal GhostWitchVillager
Barbarian KingNaturebornBanditMinerSpear GoblinDefuserDagger ThrowerKnightLumberjackElixir GolemP.E.K.K.ASkeleton GuardStorm WizardSwordsmanSailorShark Bait
Battle MachineWave MasterBarbarianDagger GoblinFishermanGolden GiantIce WizardRoyal Recruit

Tier List Maker

Make your own tier chart using our Clash Mini tierlist creator! Tap the Create Your Own button to get started. Choose your set of the strongest minis, then save your team comp as an image to share it with other tier list makers on the internet.

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About Our Clash Mini Tier Lists

Clash Mini, like Clash Royale before it, has a ton of different units, heroes, and combinations of both that can be used in matches. It can be pretty overwhelming to try and decide which heroes and minis you should focus on first. We have this page to help guide you!

This Tier List is to help give you a rough, general idea of units that are good and bad. There are many factors that can affect the accuracy list, the largest one being how you, as a player, play the game. You may be able to make low-tier characters outperform high-tier characters simply because of your play style.

If you'd like to contribute to the accuracy of this list, let us know on our Discord in our #cm-tier-list channel.

Generally speaking, the tier lists can be used as follows:

S+ - Overly powerful units. This tier may not always be used, but when it is, units here should always be used no matter what circumstance you're in. They're typically broken-powerful.

S - Top-tier units. These are the most optimal characters to play in general.

A - Great units. These are great options and provide good synergy to your deck.

B - Good units. While these characters aren't necessarily ideal to use, they can provide certain synergies that allow them to perform well.

C - Okay units. These characters are typically less than ideal to use.

D - Bad units. These characters should be avoided when possible.

F - Bottom-tier units. These characters are the least optimal characters to play in general.

Tier List FAQ

What are the best heroes in Clash Mini?

According to top players in our community, the best heroes to play are Countess, Pink Fury, Skeleton King, Grand Warden, and Archer Queen.

What are the best minis in Clash Mini?

According to top players in our community, the best minis to play are Princess, Battle Boxer, Dark Prince, Hog Rider, and Wizard.

How did you choose your top-tier minis?

We've played a lot of Clash Mini since the beginning. This is what works best for us! What works best for you may be different. Create your own tierlist and share it with us! Maybe you'll convince us to replace our suggestions with yours.

Your list is wrong. Can I make my own tierlist?

Yes! Press the Create Your Own button above!

How do I use the tier list maker?

Drag minis from the bottom of the blank chart up to the tier categories above. When you're done, tap the Save button and download the image.

How often do top-tier characters change?

Certainly major game updates shift things around, but it can also happen between updates when players discover new techniques. We'll keep our tiers updates as the community grows, but you might want to search the internet for other players using the NOFF tierlist generator in case there's something new and exciting.

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