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Clash Mini Terminology


Occurs on every attack.

Attack Speed

How often a unit uses its basic attack.


After defeating an enemy.


Attacks from behind an enemy deal +1 damage.


Reduce incoming damage by 1.


3x damage to Shields.


Cast when battle starts.


Attacks hit all enemies in front arc.

Damage Per Hit

The amount of damage a unit's basic attacks do.


Enemy loses Energy when hit.

Energy Cost

The amount of energy the unit needs to reach maximum and use its Super ability.

Hit Per Second

How many basic attacks the unit does every second.


HP refers to Health Points and is the amount of damage your unit can take before dying.

Initial Energy

The amount of energy the unit starts each battle with.


Can not be targeted by enemies.


No ally nearby.


After this Mini is defeated.


A regular unit that is not a hero.

Movement Speed

The speed at which a unit moves on the board.


Always in effect.


Damage taken is instead directed to the shield value before HP.


Movement and attack speed reduced.


When a unit's energy is full.

About Clash Mini Terminology

Clash Mini has a bunch of different terms that are used. Several of these terms are exclusive to either this game or to the Clash franchise and, because of this, you may be unfamiliar with what they mean. For example, you might ask yourself, "What is Boast?" This page has all the terms from the game that may be going over your head, as well as typical terms just for reference.

If you see any terms on this list that are incorrect, or terms you'd like to see defined that are not on the list, let us know on our Discord or our Support page and we can get things updated for you.