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Clash Mini Gizmos

Learn about how all the Gizmos work, their stats, and more.

Clash Mini Magic Tiles

Learn about what the Magic Tiles do and how to use them effectively.

About Gizmos and Tiles

Gizmos and Magic Tiles are both separate from Troops but can play an equal role in the strategy of a game. Magic Tiles are the special spots on the board that spawn during the beginning and middle of a game. There, you can place your Troops on the tiles to receive their effects.

The tile's locations are randomly determined, but which tile to be spawned, is not. Magic Tiles are rotated every 24 hours, so you can prepare a strategy for utilizing or countering the current tile. Above, you can view each tile to see what they do and what decks work well with them.

As for Gizmos, these are unlike Tiles, in which you can place these items on the board yourself. They can be used to help your game in battle by giving buffs, heals, extra offense or defense, and more. Gizmos were originally part of the main game during Beta, but are now only available during special Events.