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Clash Mini Character Stats

View all the stats for each Hero and Mini or check out the most used characters from our decks.


Hero HP iconHP HP iconDPS Damage per Hit iconDPH Hit per Second iconHPS Energy Cost iconE. Cost
Archer Queen iconArcher Queen362.421.25
Barbarian King iconBarbarian King602.421.29
Battle Machine iconBattle Machine604.841.26
Countess iconCountess425.131.75
Grand Warden iconGrand Warden352.421.26
Monk iconMonk601.211.28
Natureborn iconNatureborn402.421.26
Pink Fury iconPink Fury602.730.98
Royal Champion iconRoyal Champion353.631.26
Shield Maiden iconShield Maiden750.710.79
Skeleton King iconSkeleton King604418
Wave Master iconWave Master652.421.28


Mini Cost iconCost HP iconHP HP iconDPS Damage per Hit iconDPH Hit per Second iconHPS Energy Cost iconE. Cost
Apprentice Monk iconApprentice Monk3181.220.60
Archer iconArcher281.220.60
Bandit iconBandit4252.430.86
Barbarian iconBarbarian215120.50
Battle Boxer iconBattle Boxer5401.620.89
Battle Healer iconBattle Healer4251.320.656
Bowler iconBowler3201.830.60
Chompy iconChompy3302.440.60
Dagger Goblin iconDagger Goblin2101.530.50
Dagger Thrower iconDagger Thrower2101.220.60
Dark Prince iconDark Prince4181.530.50
Dart Goblin iconDart Goblin3121.320.650
Decoy Adept iconDecoy Adept2121.830.60
Defuser iconDefuser2101.220.60
Electro Wizard iconElectro Wizard4181.420.75
Elixir Golem iconElixir Golem4301.640.40
Executioner iconExecutioner5203.240.87
Fisherman iconFisherman318120.50
Giant iconGiant4301.640.40
Giant Skeleton iconGiant Skeleton3200.620.30
Golden Giant iconGolden Giant3350.930.37
Head Hunter iconHead Hunter3161.220.62
Healing Ranger iconHealing Ranger3180.610.65
Hog Rider iconHog Rider3181.830.60
Ice Wizard iconIce Wizard2140.510.51
Inferno Warden iconInferno Warden5181.620.86
Knight iconKnight2250.410.40
Lumberjack iconLumberjack3202.430.80
Magic Archer iconMagic Archer4152.640.650
Mega Knight iconMega Knight445120.510
Miner iconMiner2101.830.60
Mini P.E.K.K.A iconMini P.E.K.K.A3251.830.60
Musketeer iconMusketeer316120.54
P.E.K.K.A iconP.E.K.K.A4353.6120.30
Prince iconPrince4182.550.50
Princess iconPrincess5182.430.88
Royal Ghost iconRoyal Ghost4222.440.60
Royal Recruit iconRoyal Recruit2180.410.40
Sailor iconSailor3161.220.62
Shark Bait iconShark Bait4351.530.510
Skeleton Guard iconSkeleton Guard2150.510.50
Spear Goblin iconSpear Goblin2101.220.60
Storm Wizard iconStorm Wizard3161.620.80
Swordsman iconSwordsman3221.320.656
Valkyrie iconValkyrie3301.530.50
Villager iconVillager3180.610.60
Witch iconWitch315120.54
Wizard iconWizard3140.610.64

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About Clash Mini Character Stats

Clash Mini has 12 heroes and 48 minis. There can be a lot of stats to try and remember at any given moment and having this many heroes and units can mean it may be difficult to remember how much HP a unit has. This page was created to act as a quick reference chart so you can quickly see the stats of any given unit. Be sure to check out each individual unit's page by clicking on them for more details regarding them.

This page can be especially useful when trying to observe multiple units stats after they've been leveled up as their stats start to increase. You can see the higher level stats by dragging the Level slider for the Heroes or the Stars slider for the Minis. This will update the stats for all the Heroes or Minis in their respective tables. This slider is also available on the invidual unit pages.

Some characters in Clash Mini have a large amount of stats. Heroes in general have pretty decent stats because of the nature of what they are. However, Minis can often pose a dangerous threat. A fully upgraded Mega Knight, for example, has 105 HP, not something to take lightly!

See something on this page that doesn't look right? Let us know on our Discord or our Support page so we can get it fixed!