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Tank Monk


Created by Antt
Updated Feb 24, 2023


Newest META Monk Deck


Avg CostElixir icon2.8
Avg DPSSword icon1.55
Avg HPHeart icon29
Mega Knight
Spear Goblin
Ice Wizard


Monk - Carry
Mega Knight - Tank, CC, AOE
Pekka - DPS
Miner - Flank
Ice Wizard - CC
Spear Goblin - Sniper

Monk is currently the fourth strongest hero, and here's how you can DOMINATE with him.
Monk is your solo carry, always play it as if you're playing a clash troop, predicting where the enemy goes. Even if he dies, just get his one shot value off. In previous metas, battle healer is often paired with monk. This meta, Mega Knight is better choice in this deck since it kills things in an AOE range, easily destroying BK2E, Archer Queen or Witch. Pekka easily tops the DPS category and remains a very strong burst damage against anything. Miner destroys musketeer, which is really popular in this meta with Archer Queen. Ice Wizard applies advantage in similar decks and Spear Goblin takes is a very handy troop that I will explain why he's in this deck.

Mega Knight is always your Primary tank, which means he will be soaking damage and receiving energy. He gets value by being attacked, unlike monk and Pekka, which Monk cannot receive energy when using super, Pekka dealing massive amounts of damage when alive with no super. Mega Knight needs to take all the damage with his 3rd star to give value in 2nd star. 3>2>1 is used most situations, but against swarms, the 2nd star is much more useful while against melee heavy decks like countess, 1st star is handy.

Pekka, Secondary tank, deals so much damage being alive, and can one tap any squishies. Pekka's 1st and 3rd star dominates the game while her 2nd star helps her so much against CC units. 1>3>2 is the upgrade priority and there's almost no change to that. Although in some situations you would go 1>2>3 when you're facing a really heavy CC deck and you want Pekka to get the value.

Miner is used to kill healing ranger and musketeer, which are very popular in Archer Queen decks, both are top in the meta. Miner is really useful against things that monk, pekka nor megaknight can reach. MegaKnight pairs extremely well with miner with Mega Knight's earthquake. Mega Knight stuns all troops while miner gets the value from his stars.

Ice Wizard's 1st star and 2nd star is used to slow down enemy troops like pekka, countess or mega knight. He gives a significant lead to similar matchups. He may be useless in some matchups, but never goes wrong.

Spear Goblin, our most special troop. He can be used as a distraction against wave master, or to activate Archer Queen's clash early. But most importantly, he can take out Monk's biggest enemy, Saint Mirror. He can use his 1st ability to suicide kill the Saint Mirror and leave it with 5 HP. With the burst, 4 elixirs lets monk live on and deal the damage he needs.

Tank Monk
Mega Knight
Ice Wizard
Spear Goblin

Created Feb 24, 2023 by Antt


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconSpear GoblinMinerIce Wizard
    9Star (Max) + 4 remaining elixir
  • 4 Elixir iconP.E.K.K.AMega Knight

About This Deck

The deck Tank Monk was created by Antt. This deck uses Monk as the hero with P.E.K.K.A, Mega Knight, Spear Goblin, Miner, and Ice Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 14, DPS at 9.3, and HP at 174.

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