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Best Deck Post-Update 6

Barbarian King

Created by Antt
Updated Mar 31, 2023


Strongest Barbarian King deck after Update 6


Avg CostElixir icon2.4
Avg DPSSword icon1.33
Avg HPHeart icon23.67
Barbarian King


Barbarian King - Tank/Support
Archer - Damage/Flank
Barbarian - Support/Mini-Tank/
Wizard - Anti-Heal
Lumberjack - Support/Mini-Tank
Knight - Tank

Prioritizing Upgrades
Archer 1>3>2
Barbarian 3>1>2
Wizard 2>1>3
Lumberjack 3>1>2
Knight 1>2>3

Barbarian King 50/50
Archer Queen 80/20
Monk 80/20
Shield Maiden 80/20
Wave Master 60/40
Countess 50/50
Skeleton King 80/20
Royal Champion 80/20
Nature Born 80/20

Archer is your main source of damage. You will focus on her star upgrades before anything else. Barbarian's 3rd star is prioritized in most situations to buff your archer. Lumberjack's 2nd star is prioritized to buff your archer. Lumberjack's 1st star is also very useful. Knight can now gain a lot of shield from tanking your enemies, soaking some damage before barbarian king dies. He is now very strong with a lot of HP. He can full counter setup based decks that group together. Using his 1st and 2nd star, he can gain up to 24 Shield with 6 elixir.

Against heals, you need to prioritize your Wizard's 2nd star . Wizard will let enemies reach your archer later, letting archer deal more damage and burst out more value before death. Wizard can full counter heals and kill most top meta healers right now.

Lumberjack's 2nd star is prioritized, then his 1st star. But against matchups where you need to take down something asap, Lumberjack's 3rd star is very useful. For example, King tower vs Pocket Artillery matchup. When playing against King Tower, King tower often takes down your gizmos. You can counter his King Tower by playing Lumberjack's 3rd ability to burst and take down the enemy King Tower. So that your gizmos can survive.

Against enemy flanks, you can place the lumberjack behind your barbarian-archer combo. It can tank the damage for the archer, so that when lumberjack dies, it gives even more attack speed to your archer. You are also able to deal damage with your barbarian once the enemy flank is focused, giving more value to the mini-tanks in your decks.

In earlier rounds if facing against healing heroes, for example Shield Maiden, Wave Master and Countess, you can not only play Wizard, but also barbarian's 2nd star and 1st star since it can deal a lot of damage overtime. Barbarian will take out those self-healing units by time and give you a higher chance to winning those matchups.

Hot pot and Saint Mirror are very useful in this tank since you only have 1 proper tank and 2 mini-tanks that are usually played in the back. Hot pot has a lot of HP to tank for your archer that might be vulnerable to any Clash abilities. You can also play Saint Mirror in the back or the front to tank damage either from flank or front. You can then play barbarian to protect your open lane archer when there is a Saint mirror up front.

Saint Mirror in the back can easily wreck your archer, you can take out archer from your deck if that is necessary. You can also prepare a Sauna for a revive since sauna is in the rotation this season (Update 6). Against Saint mirror so that your archer is able to survive after killing Saint Mirror. Pocket artillery is also really strong against this deck, you want to focus on melee or backline depending on where he plays his pocket artillery. Barbarian 1st and 2nd star with lumberjack 3rd star are both useful against pocket artillery in the front.

Best Deck Post-Update 6
Barbarian King

Created Mar 30, 2023 by Antt


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconKnightArcherBarbarian
    9Star (Max) + 6 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconLumberjackWizard
    6Star (Max) + 6 remaining elixir

About This Deck

The deck Best Deck Post-Update 6 was originally created on Mar 30, 2023 by Antt. This deck uses Barbarian King as the hero with Knight, Archer, Lumberjack, Barbarian, and Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 12, DPS at 8, and HP at 142.

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