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{TOP RANK} BK's mini minis

Barbarian King

Created by Jxmxz
Updated Sep 8, 2023


AMP up cheap high damage units



Simple deck with off-meta counters,
You can sometimes even just copy positioning above and win regardless of what the enemy does!

Mini roles:

Goblin -
Our main damage dealer, alongside BK and Lumberjack this little guy can start to deal pekka like damage with fast attack speed and invisibility!
Watch out for AOE (Valk, wizard, magic archer) and try to place him so he will run away from them and towards safer targets.

2nd star and 3rd star always. 1st star only if they have healing or we start stacking kills on goblin early.

Lumberjack -
He synergies well with BK, Archer and Goblin! Use him to buff all 3 ideally.

With extra attack speed BK will heal more, Archer will start to turn into machine gun and goblin will do insane damage!

1st is always good, 3rd star is usually my first upgrade and 2nd star only if the battles are long or lumberjack isn't dying.

Barbarian -
Solid mini tank, cheap and disposable can take damage as well as dishing out a decent bit himself too!
Used to protect archer from miner or just deal some more damage in the frontline otherwise.
Upgrade for whatever he is being used for.

Skeleton -
Protection from knight or spear goblin.
Nice shield as well can go onto BK or goblin.
2nd and 3rd upgrades are better 1st star last if needed.

Archer -
Last bit of damage in the deck, can deal tons of DPS with damage and attack speed buffs. Place it further forwards to target backline or further back for frontline depending on their carries.
Main spam protection.
1st star first unless only 1 carry that you can target 2nd and 3rd together.

Game plan:

First round you ideally want 1 star goblin with lumberjack.

After that you want to get Lumberjack 3rd star and 1st star + max goblin ASAP whilst protecting him with skeleton if needed.

After 2star lumberjack and max goblin you should add and max out archer.

Finally, add barbarian and upgrade him or skeleton as needed.

Magic Tiles


+7 Energy

+7 Energy

Never play this deck here as there is no energy!

Devil's Deal
Devil's Deal

+10 ATK but -80% HP

+10 ATK but -80% HP

Archer is broken on this tile.
Goblin is also good as he activated invisibility instantly.
Skeleton can be a surprisingly good tile too as he will give shield to team and also deal damage.
BK is also good here as he goes invinerable!


Become a random Mini that costs 1 more Elixir but keeps same Stars

Become a random Mini that costs 1 more Elixir but keeps same Stars

Random but good on max barbarian and skeleton


VS.CountessCountessTwo Swords
Barbarian King

Vs Countess or Pink you should start with just 1 mini to prevent snowball and then go hard with the lumberjack and goblin.

Don't place no star minis as it's free Attack speed or elixer for them

VS.Shield MaidenShield MaidenTwo Swords
Barbarian King

Start with just BK here and then put goblin away from maiden

{TOP RANK} BK's mini minis

Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconDagger GoblinArcherLumberjackBarbarianSkeleton Guard

About This Deck

The deck {TOP RANK} BK's mini minis was created by Jxmxz. This deck uses Barbarian King as the hero with Dagger Goblin, Archer, Lumberjack, Barbarian, and Skeleton Guard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 10, DPS at 7.6, and HP at 79.

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