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BK's Rage

Barbarian King

Created by xilam
Updated Nov 16, 2022


A very good counter against WM and RG, can totally annihilate your opponents when played right.



- BK to soak up damage, heal, and boost the ally's damage.
- Bowler and Prince for reposition, stun, delay, and damage. (Can be used to delay/perfectly counters the Ghost-Strat).
- Golden Giant for extra tankiness. (Can also use to block the enemy's spear goblin to protect the bait for WM).
- Archer to bait out WM, and also to chip up the enemy's backline mini(s).
- Dart Gobby as the power house and damage-dealer of the deck. PROTECT AND UPGRADE HIM (PREFERABLY MAXED OUT) AT ALL COST.


Prince 0⭐, Bowler 0⭐(optional 3rd⭐) GG 0⭐ (optional 1st⭐), Dart Gobby 3⭐ (preferably), and Archer 0⭐ (3⭐ vs AQ)

* Maxed out Dart Gobby for greater value.
* Try to save and avoid re-rolling if it's not necessary.
* When facing Ghost-Strat, place Prince or Bowler at the middle coz you'll definitely hit something.
* When you're facing Clash-Strat (Prince, Bowler, and Spear Gob) Place Prince at the very front tile wherever you are placing your Dart Gobby to completely negate any Clash-Ability.
* Max out Archer if facing against AQ.

BK's Rage
Elixir icon3
Sword icon0.72
Heart icon10.5
Barbarian King
Golden Giant
Dart Goblin

Created Nov 16, 2022 by xilam


About This Deck

The deck BK's Rage was created by xilam. Be sure to support your favorite decks and creators by upvoting their builds, videos, and anything else they share that you find useful. Check out the profile page of xilam for more of their builds.

This deck uses Barbarian King as the hero with Archer, Dart Goblin, Prince, Bowler, and Golden Giant as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 15, DPS at 4.3, and HP at 63.

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