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Clash Mini Game Modes

Clash Mini has two different games modes, both playable in two different ways. There's Duel, Rumble, Ranked Duel, and Ranked Rumble. The modes are the same regardless of whether or not they're Ranked, but Ranked play awards you with Trophies for playing it as it's a more competitive mode.


Duel in Clash Mini is a direct 1-on-1 match against someone else. Each of you places your units on the board in whatever fashion you like while being unable to see how the enemy is going to place theirs. Once the timer ends, all units are locked in and begin fighting against each other. Whoever wins the round by taking other all of the other player's units gets a Flag. First person to get 3 flags wins.


Rumble is a lot like Duel in the way that it's played. However, it's played in a tournament-style format instead. 8 players are put against each other in 4 1-on-1 matches. The winner moves to the next round to face off against one of the other winners. This continues for until you are either eliminated or win the tournament.


Raids is a game mode where instead of fighting against players, you team up with them. You must be in a Clan in order to participate in Raids. Once you're in a Clan, you can use the bottom buttons to navigate to the Raid Bosses. Members are able to start a raid and you can join theirs, or you can start a raid yourself. Raids are a fun way for your Clan to team up and take on bosses together.

Unlike regular game modes where you have to guess where your opponent is placing their units, Raids show you exactly where the entire enemy team is going to be, so you can more carefully plan around how to take out the boss and its team. Just because you can see the enemy placement does not mean you're in for an easy time. As the raid is beaten, the boss will begin to level up, increasing stats and unlocking more abilities. Early levels can be pretty easy but higher levels get quite difficult. Work with your Clan to take the boss out completely!