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Clash Mini Ranked Play Resets

When a season ends in Clash Mini, a "Season Reset" occurs. This happens primarily to remove everyone from the top leagues of the game so when the new seasons begins, people can fairly try to compete for the top spot again. Without a reset, people who are in the top spots would just get further and futher above everyone else, leaving new players behind in the dust forever.

The Season Reset primarily affects players who are in the Gold 2 league or higher. Anyone who is in these leagues or higher will be demoted to a lower league and have their trophies reduced to match the new league that they'll be put in. If you're in high enough of a league to be reduced, don't worry! You will be rewarded Gems and Crystal Coins to make up for the reduction. This helps give incentive to try and rank higher in a season despite being reduced at the end of it.

All players who are in the league of Gold 3 or lower will retain their trophies and ranks after the Season Reset occurs.