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My Alliance Teams/Guide!

Created by FlyingKnight169986
Updated Jan 31, 2023

Team 1
Dark Cacao CookieHollyberry CookieBlack Pearl CookieSea Fairy CookiePure Vanilla Cookie
Crunchy Chip CookieEclair CookiePumpkin Pie CookieCotton CookieCream Unicorn Cookie
Strawberry Crepe CookieWildberry CookieCaptain Caviar CookieFrost Queen CookieAngel Cookie
GingerBraveMilky Way CookieFinancier CookieSherbet CookiePomegranate Cookie
Caramel Arrow CookieLicorice CookieOyster CookieCherry Blossom CookieCarol Cookie
Game ModeCookie Alliance
Avg CooldownClock cooldown icon17s


Charge Icon
Defense Icon
Ambush Icon
Bomber Icon
Healing Icon




Old Pilgrim's ScrollSugar Swan's Shining FeatherSquishy Jelly Watch

Bad Against

For Season 14 for me was the cocoa cookie mini boss./ Lasted me till wave 40.

Good Against

Hoping It Helps You Get To Masters!



Angel Cookie= BTS Cookie

Sea Fairy can be replaced with moonlight and leftover sea fairy can replace a dps you dont have.

For Milky way Cookie: Either Moonkissed CD or normal toppings are good either way.

(Team Descrips)

Team 1: Legend/Ancient Team:

This Team Is Meant To Do Huge Damage And Lasts A While Because
It's Double Tank and, HB and PV got buffed.

Team 2: Defense Team:

This Team is meant to last a while too because, it has 4 Tanks ( C Chip's Wolves, Pompon, C Chip himself) and 3 mini tanks (Cotton's Sheep) and Double Healers for double the healing.

Team 3: Triple Tanks!

This Team is Obvious. Triple Tanks But, Financier gives buffs to sherbet and self. Milky Way has full CD because she gives off a dmg resist buff and so does schwarzwalder to themselves. and pomegranate cookie adds ATK for the team to do more damage rather than just sherbet.

Team 4: Standard-ish Team:

This Team Is Standard enough (2 tanks 2 dps and 1 healer) Standard Enough right? plus the dmg resist crepe and wildberry does hopefully makes the team last longer.

Team 5: Leftover Team:

This team is just your strongest leftover cookies and keep in the standard team format (2 Tanks, 2 Dps 1 Healer)

Overall This Is My Alliance team with detail on how each team works. Hopefully This Works for you!

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