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The Dwarfs are back in town!

Created by ItzFitz
Updated Jan 31, 2024 for PvP


Rock-Solid build powered by Forge-Fire!

44 gold
Emperor Thaurissan
Moira’s Wit
44 gold
Moultin' Metal
22 gold
Dark Iron Miner
Dark Iron Miner
Dwarven Ambition
66 gold
Frenzied Spirit
22 gold
Gryphon Rider
Gryphon Rider
Mighty Throw
33 gold
S.A.F.E. Pilot
S.A.F.E. Pilot
Comin' In Hot!
55 gold
Warsong Grunts
Warsong Grunts
Blood Pact


Avg. Gold3.7
Avg. Damage171
Avg. Health857
Damage per Second
Avg. DPS89


Fiery Weapon Enchant
Heal Squadmate

Mini Stats


Dark Iron MinerMountaineerWarsong Grunts
Emperor ThaurissanFirehammerMountaineerS.A.F.E. Pilot
Gryphon Rider

Build Cycle

22 gold
Dark Iron Miner
22 gold
Gryphon Rider
33 gold
S.A.F.E. Pilot
44 gold
Emperor Thaurissan
Shortest Cycle
1111 gold
44 gold
55 gold
Warsong Grunts
66 gold

Playable Anywhere

Dark Iron MinerUnboundS.A.F.E. PilotUnbound


Dwarf centric build supported by Thaurissan's flametongue weapon buff..... and yes Dwarfs, not Dwarves.
I once again find myself theming my decks. Using the Warcraft Rumble Build Creator, and some game sense, I picked all the dwarven units then (using the analysis feature) I pick and choose supporting potential units. I find myself agreeing that Grunts are an excellent compliment to this deck, and have demonstrated such, even though they don't perfectly fit the theme.

Unit Descriptions
Use the Hammer Thrower to support Grunts while pushing a lane. Thaurissan can be added to help this blob break towers / bases pretty quickly while being very difficult to remove. Air units will eventually remove them, but the damage done will be quite severe.

Thaurissan with Mountaineer is a very effective siege / brawler combo, suffering only when the rifleman is killed. This is another very viable pressure push that your opponent must find an answer for, which is often leads to a bad trade for them.

The S.A.F.E. Pilot is perfect to hold pressure on chests as well as removing weaker horde units such as Murlocs, Harpies, and Chickens.

The Griffin Rider is just an excellent, but fragile, unit which trades pretty well. I typically save this model for chipping away at tanks such as Cairne, Core Hounds, Abominations, etc. Otherwise, this is a great option to cycle with.

The Dark Iron Miner is probably THE most utility heavy unit. I find that I often use the Miner for securing gold mines (obviously), controlling chests, fighting other models, and tanking attacks from opposing units or towers! Very useful.

The abilities chosen are to maximize offensive capabilities for more efficient trades, as I find this build has plenty of utility.

The Hammer Thrower is a very effective elemental ranged attacker which is great for maintaining high ground on certain maps or assisting with a siege if not engaged with a Gargoyle. I often use this unit to maintain gold control and cycle through the deck.

Weaknesses and Counters:
The builder thinks this deck is weak to:
Stun, Slow, Stealth, Anti-Death, and Possessions.

All of the above listed weaknesses are mostly timing issues. Just weather the storm, make positive trades and establish solid control over chests and mines early on, to throw more minis at the issue. This deck should do well with economy control.

The Builder has listed the following as counter picks:
Cairne, Maiev, Jaina, Bandits, Worgen, Harvest Golem, Core Hounds, Abomination.

I don't often struggle too much with Cairne, the revive is probably the most annoying thing but most people are running the Windwalker trait. A well placed Griffin Rider usually deal with this so long as Cairne has something to punch. Same tactic can be used for Core Hounds, Harvest Golems, and Abominations.

Maiev is very strong if there is a skilled player on the other side of it. Utilize Grunts and the S.A.F.E. Pilot to fight off Maiev and the Miner to try to control Gold sources. Same applies to the Worgen, which is mostly annoying when targeting the rifleman.

Jaina is most annoying with Blink and especially so when near an opposing tower. If this happens the Miner is a surprisingly useful tool to eliminate, assuming you have something tanking the damage such as Grunts or the Mountaineer.

Kill Bandits with S.A.F.E. Pilot and maintain control over the economy.

Remember: positive trades are how you win. You may not win every game, but maintain good control and make smart trades. Good Luck!

Build Check

Advanced Build Stats

Build Rating

Lane Offense

Build attack power against leaders and troops.

Tower Offense

Build attack power against towers.

Lane Defense

Build defense against leaders and troops.

Tower Defense

Build defense of player towers.


Inhibits the opponent from executing his/her strategy.

Weak Against

Strong Against

About This Build

This build, The Dwarfs are back in town!, was created by ItzFitz on Jan 29, 2024. The leader of the deck is Emperor Thaurissan as part of the Blackrock family.

With 6 other minis, this puts the total build cost at 3.7, DPS at 89, and HP at 857. Be sure to support your favorite builds and creators by upvoting their builds, videos, and anything else they share that you find useful.

Check out the profile page of ItzFitz for more of their guides.

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