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Warcraft Rumble Missions

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About Warcraft Rumble Missions

The Warcraft Rumble Missions make up the solo campaign of the game. It is made up of 75 missions, with 5 in each zone. Each Mission has a unique map, boss, and difficulty to be beaten. As you complete missions, you'll earn Sigils to earn rewards like Leaders, and Troops, and unlock features like Talents and Dungeons.

The missions are also used for Daily Quests. With Quests, you can earn XP for Minis you choose from three options. The options are not entirely random though. The first will be the lowest level Mini in your equipped Army, the second will be another Mini in your equipped Army, and the third will be a random Mini from your collection.

Once you reach a certain amount of Sigils, you'll also unlock the Heroic Campaign. This campaign requires you to beat each mission over again but with one Leader from each Family. So, you'll have to defeat the mission five times to complete it.

The Heroic Campaign is the only way to earn more Sigils when the regular campaign is finished. So it's a great way to earn more Coins and collect duplicate Minis to level them up.