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Warcraft Rumble Builds

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What Are Armies/Builds?

Army builds in Warcraft Rumble are your essential toolkits of the game. Builds will always consist of one Leader and six Troops. Leaders, in particular, have a unique ability that can buff your team, themselves, and more. They can be used as the main strategic piece of your build or to support the Troops that make up the rest of it.

Troops are the supporting Minis of a deck that also have different traits, roles, and factions. Having a good variety of Troops is key to creating a balanced deck that can counter different scenarios you might come across.

When creating or viewing a build, it's good to look out for the special abilities of each Mini you can utilize for different strategies. Having certain game plans with your army can be beneficial to controlling the round. Take note of each Mini's Talents, their use-case, and how they can be played with others to make successful plays.

Builds also have upgrade slots for Minis that are available to boost their level. To equip these, a qualifying Mini needs to contain a certain trait or faction that is required for the slot. The first three slots are preset depending on the selected Leader. The others can be selected and upgraded with Valor.

With so much available for creating a deck, there are thousands of possibilities to be found. With this builds page, all types of players can share their ideas, strategies, and combinations to help better their games and find new ways to play.