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Warcraft Rumble Info

What is Warcraft Rumble?
Warcraft Rumble Logo

Warcraft® Rumble™, the first Warcraft game designed from the ground up for mobile, is an action-packed strategy game that invites players to assemble armies with their favorite characters from the Warcraft universe and battle it out in unique missions designed to test their tactical wits. Players command forces of lovingly sculpted digital tabletop miniatures in multi-lane combat across dozens of unique missions.

This triumph of gnomish engineering has packed insatiable crowds into taverns from Winterspring to Booty Bay. Soon, players in the real world can experience for themselves the dazzling new sensation that's sweeping Azeroth.

  • BLIZZARD-QUALITY GAMEPLAY ON THE GO—Easy to learn but hard to master, Warcraft Rumble's frantic strategy action is immediately gripping, with depth that rewards experimentation. Build forces of minis, starting with Leaders—including heavy-hitters like the Warsong chieftain Grommash Hellscream and Archmage Jaina Proudmore—and fill in Arclight-augmented armies with rank-and-file Troop minis and powerful Spells.
  • TONS OF CONTENT, GAMEPLAY VARIETY, AND REPLAYABILITY—Play through a huge single-player experience with over 70 missions, as well as weekly and monthly challenges in the form of multipart dungeons, epic raids, and more. You can also play with your friends in competitive or cooperative play modes, and join guilds to link up with fellow commanders.
  • COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE WARCRAFT CHARACTERS—Over 60 heroes, villains, monsters, and more from the Warcraft universe have been rendered as tabletop-style minis and brought to life for you to collect, level up, and improve with powerful talents. Seek out killer synergies or simply have a blast building armies around your favorite characters. Undertake Conquest missions to earn bonus rewards by replaying levels with leaders from the five Families: the noble Alliance, savage Beasts, necromantic Undead, powerful Horde, and searing Blackrock.
  • TRUE-TO-ROOTS WARCRAFT EXPERIENCE—Warcraft Rumble is full of authentic Warcraft vibes, created by a team with deep roots in the franchise. Everywhere you look, you'll encounter references and game elements directly inspired by beloved characters, locations, and events from the Warcraft PC strategy games and World of Warcraft®.
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When does Warcraft Rumble come out?

There is no current release date announced for Warcraft Rumble, but Blizzard has revealed they intend to release it in 2023.

What devices can I play Warcraft Rumble on?

Warcraft Rumble will be playable on most mobile devices, including tablets. Currently the game is available for pre-registration on Android devices on the Google Play store. The iOS App Store does not currently have the game up for pre-order.

Despite being a mobile game, you will likely be able to download and play the game on Bluestacks as well. This will act as a PC-alternative option for those who prefer to play their games that way.

What is monetization like in Warcraft Rumble?

Blizzard wants Warcraft Rumble to resemble the quality-standards of the Warcraft franchise that we're all familiar with. With that, they've announced some super interesting things for what they have in store for the game.

The game, when it was listed on the Google Play store for pre-registration, mentioned random loot, which defaulted to everything assuming loot boxes. This was a safe assumption because most mobile games have loot boxes. However, Blizzard has since clarified that there will be no loot boxes in the game.

On top of there being no loot boxes, Blizzard is also enforcing a weekly cap on the shop. Specifically, you can only buy 2,100 Gold per week. They are intentionally doing this to stop the big spenders from buying a ton of golds to get far ahead of the rest of the players.

There will also be no duplicates in the game for your units. The selection of available characters to buy will be based on your current collection of cards, so the game won't offer duplicate units in the store. This should make it much easier to slowly fill out your collection of all the characters in the game.

This monetization model seems rather unique, as most games wouldn't want to limit how much purchasing can happen. They'd want anyone and everyone to spend as much money as humanly possible. No limit plus randomness has always been the typical mobile model, so this will be a nice breath of fresh air.

NOTE: the game is still in an early beta state, so Blizzard could change this model entirely before release.

What game modes are available in Warcraft Rumble?

The game trailer was just revealed, so we don't know exactly what all the game modes are or how they will play out, but this is what we currently know.

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

We know this game seems to have a heavy focus on PvE, just like the other Warcraft games. This kind of game-style has been seen in mobile games before, but they've all been heavily focused on PvP. That means this game's main appeal will be to a slightly different audience. That doesn't mean less competitve though!

The trailer announced a few things, such as:

  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • Guilds
  • Co-op

We don't know exactly how all the game modes will work, but things like co-op will be super fun to use, probably for doing things like the Dungeons and Raids that will be in the game. It'll also be great to have that option to play this game with your friends.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

We didn't get nearly as much PvP information as PvE information, but Blizzard has said there will be PvP as well as a competitive PvP mode. We can expect things like Leaderboards where people who win the most matches are recognized. Blizzard does a pretty good job with their matchups, so you'll likely only play against people who are of similar character levels and skill levels.

There's been no word yet on whether or not we'll see some kind of co-op PvP mode, but with Blizzard's focus on PvE and the ability to play with your friends, it is likely we'll see one release at some point if not available at launch.

Is Warcraft Rumble going to have existing characters from the Franchise?

Warcraft Rumble is going to feature a whole bunch of faces you'll be familiar with if you've played other Warcraft games. However, you do not need to be familiar in order to play, or appreciate, the game. When you play, you'll be able to play the game as the Alliance, the Horde, the Beasts, the Blackrock, or the Undead. Each of these factions has different playable characters.

The Alliance is defensive, focusing on defense, healing, stealth tactics, and general spellcasting. You'll see iconic champions such as Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, and Jaina Proudmoore dedicating themselves to the cause.

The Horde is controlling, focusing on earning gold, deploying lots of troops, and trying to keep enemies controlled through various effects such as stuns. You'll see iconic champions such as Grommash Hellscream, Sneed, and Cairne Bloodhoof.

The Beasts are quick, focusing on taking down enemy defenses, buffing your allies, and moving quickly to catch up to enemies. You'll see well-known leaders such as Charlga Razorflank and Hogger.

The Blackrock specialize in controlling the air, focusing on heavy-hitting flying troops and fire magic to burn your enemies with. You'll see well-known leaders such as Rend Blackhand and General Drakkisath.

The Undead aim to never die, focusing on using dark magic and summoning endless armies of the dead to overwhelm enemies. You'll see well-known leaders such as Bloodmage Thalnos and Baron Rivendare.

Each faction will have their own set of "minis" that you will use. The Alliance, for example, may have gryphons that you can use, the Horde may have goblins, and the Undead may have zombies or skeletons. It is not currently known if you'll be able to mix-and-match champions and minis from different factions, but there will be plenty of minis for each faction to use.

What Maps and Stages are going to be playable?

Completing stages in Warcraft Rumble will reward the player with a Skull. The different maps and stages that unlock will require a certain number of Skulls. In addition, there are other features of the games that are also locked until the user receives a certain number of Skulls. Skulls could be looked at as a sort of leveling system for your account.

Warcraft Rumble Maps

The following are a list of Maps, and the number of Skulls you need to unlock them, in Warcraft Rumble.

  • Elwynn Forest - 0 Skulls
  • Westfall - 5 Skulls
  • Duskwood - 10 Skulls
  • Stranglethorn Vale - 15 Skulls
  • The Barrens - 20 Skulls
  • Onyxia's Lair - 21 Skulls
  • Ashenvale - 24 Skulls
  • Thousand Needles - 29 Skulls
  • Lordaeron - 34 Skulls
  • Dustwallow Marsh - 39 Skulls
  • Un'goro Crater - 44 Skulls
  • Winterspring - 49 Skulls
  • Plaguelands - 54 Skulls
  • Blackrock Mountain - 59 Skulls

Warcraft Rumble Dungeons

The following are a list of dungeons available in the game, as well as the skulls required to unlock them. Note that Raids are not currently available for testing and we become available at a later date.

  • Blackfathom Deeps - 22 Skulls
  • Dire Maul - 22 Skulls
  • Deadmines - 22 Skulls

Warcraft Rumble Stages

In Warcraft Rumble, each one of the maps has multiple stages available for it. Completing one stage unlocks the next stage. To progress through Elwynn Forest, for example, you must have complete all 5 stages to receive all 5 skulls to unlock Westfall. Below is a list of each of the stages available in the game, including the skulls needed to unlock it and the boss of the stage.

Elwynn Forest

  • The Dockmaster
    • 0 Skulls Required
    • Boss: The Dockmaster
  • Verminhide
    • 1 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Goldtooth
  • Morgan the Collector
    • 2 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Morgan the Collector
  • Fang's Feast
    • 3 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Mother Fang
  • Wanted: "Hogger"
    • 4 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Hogger


  • Carrion Carnivore
    • 5 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Vultros
  • Beachside Brawl
    • 6 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Old Murk-Eye
  • Marshal Redpaw
    • 7 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Marshal Redpaw
  • Bucket of Copper Bolts
    • 8 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Foe Reaper 4000
  • The Dreadnaught
    • 9 Skulls Required
    • Boss: The Dreadnaught


  • A Ghoul's Delight
    • 10 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Ghoulia
  • The Restless Dead
    • 11 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Mor'Ladim
  • Raven Hill Revenant
    • 12 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Morbent Fel
  • A Banshee's Wail
    • 13 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Blind Mary
  • He Hungers!
    • 14 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Abercombie

Stranglethorn Vale

  • Ruins of Zul'Kunda
    • 15 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Jin'do the Hexxer
  • Gurubashi Gorilla
    • 15 Skulls Required
    • Boss: King Mukla
  • Small Game Hunter
    • 15 Skulls Required
    • Boss: King Bangalash
  • Swole Troll Patrol
    • 15 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Jin'rokh the Breaker
  • Booty Bay Baron
    • 19 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Baron Revilgaz

The Barrens

  • The Sickly Gazelle
    • 20 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Geaulieu
  • Razorfen Crone
    • 20 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Charlga Razorflank
  • Gazlowe's Fireworks
    • 20 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Gazlowe
  • Counterattack!
    • 20 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Hezrul Bloodmark
  • The Crossroads
    • 21 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Grommash Hellscream

Onyxia's Lair

  • Onyxia
    • 21 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Onyxia


  • Splintertree Post
    • 24 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Tideress
  • Mystral Lake
    • 24 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Charlga Razorflank
  • Fen Fatale
    • 24 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Branch Snapper
  • Strike from the Shadows
    • 24 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Maiev Shadowsong
  • Sentinels of Astranaar
    • 26 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Raene Wolfrunner

Thousand Needles

  • Sandweaver's Mirage
    • 29 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Na'shala the Sandweaver
  • Landslide
    • 29 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Rok'Alim the Pounder
  • Roguefeather Den
    • 29 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Grenka Bloodscreech
  • The Pools of Vision
    • 29 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Magatha Grimtotem
  • Freewind Post
    • 31 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Cairne Bloodhoof


  • Special Delivery
    • 34 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Chef Audrey
  • Pyrewood Village
    • 34 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Son of Arugal
  • Blood for the Bloodmage
    • 34 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Bloodmage Thalnos
  • Blades of Light
    • 34 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Herod
  • Scarlet Cathedral
    • 36 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Inquisitor Whitemane

Dustwallow Marsh

  • Raptor Run
    • 39 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Goreclaw the Ravenous
  • The Hermit Alchemist
    • 39 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Tabetha
  • Darkmist Cavern
    • 39 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Darkmist Broodqueen
  • The Daughter of the Sea
    • 39 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Jaina
  • Wyrmbog Treasure Trove
    • 41 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Emberstrife

Un'goro Crater

  • Lakkari Tar Pits
    • 44 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Tar Tyrant
  • Apes of Wrath
    • 44 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Uhk'loc and U'cha
  • Heart of Fire
    • 44 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Blazerunner
  • The Crystal Shaper
    • 44 Skulls Required
    • Boss: The Crystal Shaper
  • Devilsaur Queen
    • 46 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Devilsaur Queen


  • Ursa Major
    • 49 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Ursius
  • Frostwhisper Gorge
    • 49 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Kashoch the Reaver
  • Wintersaber Ambush
    • 49 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Shy-Rotam
  • Flight of the Whelps
    • 49 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Azurous
  • The Mazthoril General
    • 51 Skulls Required
    • Boss: General Colbatann


  • The Immovable Object
    • 54 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Gish the Unmoving
  • Ruins of Andorhal
    • 54 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Araj the Summoner
  • Light's Hope Chapel
    • 54 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Tirion Fordring
  • Glutton for Punishment
    • 54 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Ramstein the Gorger
  • The Baron of Stratholme
    • 56 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Baron Rivendare

Blackrock Mountain

  • Molten Mining Camp
    • 59 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Volchan
  • Omnotron
    • 59 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Omnotron
  • Keepers of Flame
    • 59 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Emperor Thaurissan
  • Blackrock Stadium
    • 59 Skulls Required
    • Boss: Rend Blackhand
  • Dragonspire Hall
    • 63 Skulls Required
    • Boss: General Drakkisath