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Perma CC | Dart Goblin Hyper Carry!

Wave Master

Created by WarClashMini
Updated Jan 7, 2023


New 83% Win-rate deck, with Dart Goblin! | Easiest way to get 🏆



CC are more OP that u can expect. Combining it with Dart Goblin create the deck that is unkillable!

First you try to make the one star Valkyrie and Dart Goblin. Those are your most important minions at beginning of the game. You place Valkyrie behind Wave Master to flip her to the other site with bonus shield! That will give you enought time to stack your dart goblin. Next if your enemy god big DMG cards, like minipekka or wizzard etc. You should go next with Golden Giant. If the matchup is really hard your can try to replace him with Valkyrie. I mean to flip Golden Giant not a Valkyrie, it is going to give you a little bit more time, but you have to bear in mind that he will not clear the back lane. Thats why i prefer the first option. Next for cheap CC your go for Musketeer, and if you got elixir reserve you can try Electro Wizzard. You place them on the other site of dart goblin and if you got both of them, your place them next to each other to give Musketeer bonus energy. Anyway... Just remember this one thing. More CC = More Dart Goblin DMG!


Dart Goblin: 1⭐2⭐3⭐
Valkyrie: 1⭐2⭐3⭐
Musketeer: 2⭐1⭐3⭐
Golden Giant: 2⭐1⭐3⭐
Electro Wizard: 3⭐1⭐2⭐


Training CampTraining Camp
Training Camp
Wave Master
Dart Goblin
Golden Giant

Use the Training Camp to boost your Dart Goblin or Musketeer with bonus DMG. Place other minions to cover them against enemy Spear Goblin, Miner, Prince or just flipped cards by the map or Wave Master.

Wave Master
Dart Goblin
Golden Giant

If u got Sauna. Place Dart Goblin to let him die, and gave it better live after few seconds. ATTENTION: Place your back lane units in position, that couldn't be risk.

King TowerKing Tower
King Tower
Wave Master
Dart Goblin

If u don't have any good gizmo, go play King Tower. It will helps to destroy enemy gizmo quickly and also protect your dart goblin from getting hit. Place the Wave Master with Valkyrie one tile before King Tower, to make your gizmo the main target and let Valkyrie clear back lane easier way.

Perma CC | Dart Goblin Hyper Carry!
Wave Master
Golden Giant
Electro Wizard
Dart Goblin

Created Jan 7, 2023 by WarClashMini


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 3 Elixir iconDart GoblinValkyrieMusketeerGolden Giant
  • 4 Elixir iconElectro Wizard

About This Deck

The deck Perma CC | Dart Goblin Hyper Carry! was originally created on Jan 7, 2023 by WarClashMini. This deck uses Wave Master as the hero with Dart Goblin, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Golden Giant, and Electro Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 16, DPS at 3.9, and HP at 66.

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