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Wave Master

Wave Master

Heroes crown iconMelee

A chaotic Hero with a powerful trident and wave of stuns. Specializes in crowd control and driving himself (and an ally) around the board.


Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave Super

Super: Swim to the farthest enemy, dealing 2 DMG and 1s Stun to enemies in his path
Max 3s Stun, Heal 2 HP per enemy hit

  • +0.5s Stun

    Lvl 1
  • Heal 2 HP enemy per hit

    Lvl 6
  • +0.5s Stun

    Lvl 11

Trident Attack

Every 6th Attack gets Cleave and -35% Slow for 3s
5s Slow, 4th Attack

  • +2s Slow

    Lvl 2
  • Every 5th Attack

    Lvl 7
  • Every 4th Attack

    Lvl 12
Chaos Lover

Chaos Lover Clash

Clash: Flip an ally 4 tiles forward
Max 15 Shield, +35% attack and run speed

  • Ally gains 5 Shield

    Lvl 3
  • Ally gains 10 Shield

    Lvl 8
  • Ally gains +35% Attack and Run speed for 7s

    Lvl 13


  • HP iconHP 60
  • Damage per Second iconDPS 2.2
  • Attack iconAttack 2
  • Hit Speed iconHit Speed 1.1
  • Energy Cost iconEnergy Cost 8

Wave Master Counters

Wave Master is a tsunami of stuns. The best way to take him on is to keep him from using his Super as much as possible. Units that can drain energy and stun will be crucial to create openings to attack. Some characters can also benefit from being stunned when he does hit them. Spreading apart your team, though, can help alleviate the number of units hit from his dash. It might also help to use anti-healing units if he heals with his Tidal Wave.

Best to Use Against Wave Master