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Created by Noff_Vampirebox
Updated Jan 11, 2023


Think Monk got nerfed? Think again.



This Monk build focuses on dealing as many super attacks as possible, all while making it very difficult to be KO'd. It has taken me single-handedly to Legendary.

The key to this deck is Battle Healer. Attempt to bring one out to the field immediately. If you can't, a Healing Ranger or Miner works at first, but sell into a Battle Healer the next round if at all possible.

Battle Healer brings a few skills that make Monk unstoppable. First, Shining Plate causes you to take one less point of damage from all sources almost indefinitely. Second, Cheer keeps Monk filled with energy so he can perform Peace Maker in quick succession.

You want to place your Monk and Battle Healer next to each other at the front of the board in almost all cases. Attempt to align Monk to get stacks of Mystic Posture, but it's okay if you miss. It's also okay to purposefully miss Mystic Posture in the event you're fighting another Monk, or to position yourself for a preferred KO. (More on that below).

By the time you have a Monk and a Battle Healer in play, focus on getting either a Miner or an Archer with at least one star. Without them, this deck can be weak to back-liners.

To round out the build, play Healing Ranger either to the side of or behind Monk. You want to keep them in a line if possible. The newly-patched Inspire grants Unstoppable, which is a very underrated buff. With Unstoppable on Monk, stun and displacement counter-measures simply do not work on you. This means that Skeleton King, Bowler, and a few other high-tier pests become more manageable.

Remember that Healing Ranger targets the closest ally, so don't place anyone immediately behind her.

Toward the end game, Miner, Archer, and Dart Goblin are your alternative damage dealers. Rank up whichever one best targets the opponent's minis.


Saint MirrorSaint Mirror
Saint Mirror

Saint Mirror is bad news for Monk, no matter the situation. Shift your strategy to place all of your units in the back line, drawing opponents toward you and past the mirror. If possible, counter with your own mirror or other gizmo.

When using the mirror yourself, consider placing it in the back line if you're struggling against Archer or Miner.

Pocket ArtilleryPocket Artillery
Pocket Artillery

Pocket Artillery is a special case for this build. Between Monk and Battle Healer, your two core minis will survive the blast - especially if Battle Healer casts Shining Plate.

The usual rules apply for your other minis. Space them as far apart from one another to limit the damage this terror does to the board.

When using it yourself, you want to place Pocket Artillery fairly high on the board. This typically allows it to hit faster.

Mucho PunchoMucho Puncho
Mucho Puncho
Battle Healer
Dart Goblin

Mucho Puncho is amazing against Countess and can act as a last line of defense if your other units get taken out. I tend to place it catty-corner with a Dart Goblin along the nearest edge.


VS.Skeleton KingSkeleton KingTwo Swords
Battle Healer
Dart Goblin
Healing Ranger

Skeleton King is generally pretty good at countering this deck. You can limit its effectiveness by leveling up a Dart Goblin and ensuring your Healing Ranger casts Unstoppable on Monk.

VS.CountessCountessTwo Swords
Battle Healer
Dart Goblin
Healing Ranger

Countess can wreck your back line, but there's a great way to counter it. Using an Archer as bait (because Countess targets the unit with the lowest health), place a Dart Goblin nearby so that it prefers to shoot Countess. At the very least, it stalls her while your main units mop up, leaving Monk to yeet her into the stratosphere.

VS.MonkMonkTwo Swords
Battle Healer
Healing Ranger

Most Monk players try to be the first to throw Peace Maker. DO NOT do that against Monk here. Place Battle Healer or Healing Ranger in front of your Monk as a sacrifice, and keep your Monk out of the opponent Monk's line of Mystic Posture at all costs. Invariably, the other monk will destroy your sacrificial mini, and your Monk will come in for the kill. Once the other team's Monk is gone, it's fairly easy to clean up the rest using your damage dealers.

Battle Healer
Healing Ranger
Dart Goblin

Created Jan 11, 2023 by Noff_Vampirebox


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconMinerArcher
    6Star (Max) + 10 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconDart GoblinHealing Ranger
    6Star (Max) + 4 remaining elixir
  • 4 Elixir iconBattle Healer
    3Star (Max) + 10 remaining elixir

About This Deck

The deck MONK OF LEGEND was created by Noff_Vampirebox. This deck uses Monk as the hero with Battle Healer, Miner, Dart Goblin, Archer, and Healing Ranger as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 14, DPS at 7.3, and HP at 123.

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