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Battle Healer

Battle Healer

4 Elixir iconMelee

An outstanding support Mini that can continuously heal allies while dealing small amounts of damage. Specializes in greatly healing itself and its team around it. Works best surrounded by tanks as a way to help attack and keep them alive.


Healing Wave

Healing Wave Super

Super: Heal nearby allies for 3 HP


Healing Wave +2 Heal amount
Shinning Plate

Shinning Plate

Clash: Grant Block to nearby allies for 4s


Allies receiving Healing Wave gain 1 Energy
General Upgrade Priority:


  • HP iconHP 10
  • Damage per Second iconDamage per Second 0.65
  • Damage per Hit iconDamage per Hit 1
  • Hit per Second iconHit per Second 0.65
  • Energy Cost iconEnergy Cost 4

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