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Archer Queen

Created by Antt
Updated Feb 21, 2023





Archer Queen: DPS/Support
Musketeer: CC
Giant Skeleton: Tank
Golden Giant: Tank
Bowler: Flank
Healing Ranger: Heal/Anti-CC

Giant Skeleton and Golden Giant are arguably the two best tanks paired with Archer Queen. This deck is unbeatable in 90% of the matches. Without a good flank, this deck flawlessly wipes your entire team.

Archer Queen
Archer Queen is your main damage, but also comes with an invisibility that invisibles all your allies. Paired with all your troops, the archer queen prevents allies from taking damage in a very long time. This allows the low DPS deck to gain a huge advantage during this brief moment. With healing ranger's heals, gaining the entire team's health back.

Giant Skeleton/Golden Giant
Although you may think that this backline focused deck may depend on these two tanks, you are wrong about what Archer Queen can do. Against most squishy decks like barbarian king two elixir, the giant skeleton excels at dealing damage and stunning whatever it may take just for the musketeer, archer queen, bowler or healing ranger to take a huge advantage in such a brief moment. Golden giant is very strong against the other meta hero that is really popular, wave master. Wave master is fairly strong against archer queen until you have a golden giant in hand. When it comes to timeout, the golden giant when stunned is super strong. He only heals himself over and over again, until he wins by overtime with the most HP. He's also very strong as a secondary tank in the back to catch flanks.

Although dependent on matchups, he's also very good against anything in general. Although he may have some changes, and now that he's a flank focused mini, may not be useful in all matchups, he is always worth your left over 3 elixir that you don't know what to do with. His 2 damage per hit is very strong with the amount of HP that he has. He provides an insane amount of value with 3 elixir and he's able to make a change at any moment of your game. Against squishies, he can easily deal AOE damage to the entire enemy team, disabling all sorts of swarms, backline attacks, stuns and any you can name. He is insanely strong against witch and archer, which are two named minis that are very popular as carries

As the support mini that pushes things away, her 2.5s stun time decreased to 1.5s stun time did not affect her playstyle nor her strength with AQ. With AQ, she is a monster at keeping your ally minis alive to deal damage from afar. She can also stun backlines, frontlines, anything you can name to not let them have a chance to wipe your backline. She is the core of this team and often can be upgraded to 3 star.

Healing Ranger
Paired with AQ's invisibility, she can heal no matter when and can apply anti-cc to your ally minis. She can heal a lot of units with her recent patch even without her 2nd star and she's insanely strong with her 1st star. An invisible team jumps from 1 hp to full hp in a matter of seconds with her heals. Reviving her whole team is insanely crazy for the fact that is happens almost every single match and continues to provide an insane amount of value to the entire team by rescuing them from the dead to continue to provide value with damage and tanking. She disables any sorts of crowd control and dominates with her heals.


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 3 Elixir iconGiant SkeletonBowlerGolden GiantHealing RangerMusketeer

About This Deck

The deck BEST AQ DECK NOW was created by Antt. This deck uses Archer Queen as the hero with Giant Skeleton, Bowler, Golden Giant, Healing Ranger, and Musketeer as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 15, DPS at 7.3, and HP at 145.

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