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Archer Queen

Archer Queen

Heroes crown iconRanged:

A long-range Hero with a powerful bow and arrow. Specializes in increasing the speed of attacks and allies while paired with an already high damage per second. Her low health, however, requires a strong team for protection.



Crossbow Super

Super: Attack 2 targets for 4s
Max 3 targets, 8s duration

  • +1 target

    Lvl 1
  • +2s duration

    Lvl 6
  • +2s duration

    Lvl 11

Inspire Attack

+20% attack speed when casting Crossbow
Max 50% attack speed

  • +10% attack speed

    Lvl 2
  • +10% attack speed

    Lvl 7
  • +10% attack speed

    Lvl 12

Queen's Gambit Attack

When HP drops below 50%, she and surrounding allies gain Invisible for 2.5s (Once per round)
Max +1 damage, 4.5s duration

  • +1s duration

    Lvl 3
  • +1 damage when triggers

    Lvl 8
  • +1s duration

    Lvl 13


  • HP iconHP 11
  • Damage per Second iconDamage per Second 0.8
  • Damage per Hit iconDamage per Hit 1
  • Hit per Second iconHit per Second 0.8
  • Energy Cost iconEnergy Cost 7

Archer Queen Counters

Archer Queen is commonly placed in the farthest back row. So using characters that attack the backline is a good strategy, especially since her biggest weakness is her low health. However, you may also need some high damage-dealers upfront if she is protected by tanks in the back. If you can't manage to get to her, it can be smart to utilize healers to outlast the team protecting her.

Best to Use Against Archer Queen