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SK Magic Archer 4 clash

Skeleton King

Created by YelkStudios
Updated Mar 5, 2023


the deck tries to use the magic archer to deal damage and the other 4 minis use their abilities.



Level and star required for the deck to work:

Skeleton King=Level 8

Magic Archer=2 star

Spear Goblin=1 star

Prince= 3 star

Fisherman=2 star

Bowler=3 star

As I said before, the main strength of this deck is the 4 clashes, which we have together with the power of the skeleton king and magic archer, but let's review the fusion of each mini.

1: Skeleton King

Skeleton King will clearly be the main damage mini due to its 2 damage and its super which consists of damaging the minis around it with a turn like the varkyrie and mainly due to its isolated damage and dissipation, thanks to this great damage together With his deadly revive ability he will make them the main mini to deal damage and tank.

2: Magic Archer

Magic Archer, like the Skeleton king, is of great value due to the fact that, unlike the electric magician, it has a damage of 2 and that, in addition to that, its projectiles can pass through the troops and thanks to this, good damage can be achieved if It is played in a good way in a position so that it crosses all the troops, and together with the protection and damage of the skeleton king it can become a deadly weapon.

3: Spear Goblin

Spear Goblin is probably one of the best options because in addition to its low cost of 2, it has a very strong clash and its use is to deal damage with its launching ability to deal damage and it will also serve to attack from a distance and together with the principe becomes a very useful long-range mini.

3: Prince

The prince's fusion would be the same as that of Spear Goblin, which was mentioned above, but clearly in a different way, since the prince is a 4-elixir tank which, with his ability, can serve in the same way as the goblin with a spear and the one with a great utility for its hitpoints and damage, and there is also its third star which consists of which, when defeated, releases its faithful pony which it will push and stun the enemies for which it can be useful.

4: Fisherman

The Fisherman clearly has as its main fusion, it drags the enemy troops to our side and it is recommended that it be next to Skeleton King so that he took care of said troops, there are several things when unleashing the first one, yes, oh yes, you should use your second star in order to have more chances of fishing a troop and to complicate the rival more since while he runs the risk of the fisherman fishing his troops for the Skeleton King to send him to the afterlife, he also runs the risk of receiving a hit from Spear Goblin and Prince and thanks to this we can complicate the rival, and basically its main fusion because it would be to fish for troops that attack from a distance like archer or ice wizard among others so that Skeleton King later took care of them.

5: Bowler

the Bowler is probably the least important and if you want you can change it for another mini of your liking, but I put it here for 2 reasons 1: it is in my opinion the best option for this deck after its rework and 2: this deck was created with him, but speaking of his fusion basically the Bowler now with his super ability will be able to throw a rock at the furthest enemy (mostly long-range mini) doing damage and stunning and will also cause the same effect to the enemies that are in it path of the rock, also with his third star he will have all his bar to the maximum giving a galantized rock hit and with his first star what to do that the rocks of his ability do 2+ more damage (4 damage) and together with the third star can become very useful, it is also very useful to accompany the Skeleton King since his normal attack inflicts 2 damage and with his ability he becomes of great help.



if they play a contest and win the first 2 game then in the last game they must remove all their minis (except the magic archer) and put the Skeleton King and magic archer in front of the board in the 2 corner, this will result in what in the finals your opponent doesn't know how to play against your deck because of why you put the Skeleton King and magic archer in front and they don't know about their mini with clash ability like the Spear Goblin oh Prince, this will make it easier since in addition to having more chances of use the clash abilities of the 4 minis because the opponent doesn't know about it, they also have a lot of elixir because they removed all the minis in the previous game and you can see the opponent's board.

and with all this will result in the game It's much easier because the opponent doesn't know how to defend their strategy and they only know about magic archer and nothing else.


If they want to use the goblin with casting with the first star to kill an archer queen oh musketeer but they can't because the opponent protects them with a tank like golden giant oh pekka then they can do 2 things.

1: Put a prince in front of the tank that covers the troop and put the goblin with a spear 2 more squares away (that is, at the bottom of the board) then the prince hits the tank, he will fly out and a goblin with a spear will launch his throw at the mini what She is no longer being protected by doing what deals good damage or kills her.

2: This can also be done with Fisherman although it's a bit more confusing but basically it works like this:

Let's imagine that the rival has an archer queen who wants to do damage with spear goblin but has a tank covering it, then they have to put the Fisherman with his second star and that he is next to the goblin with a spear but one square higher and in a position for him to fish the tank and send it to his line, then the tank will not be in the path of the goblin with a spear and he will be able to throw his spear and it is positioning depends on the position, if the tank is further behind or forward then the Fisherman must also be there, but this does not affect the Spear Goblin although it is advisable to have it in the back area.


Saint MirrorSaint Mirror
Saint Mirror
Skeleton King
Spear Goblin
Magic Archer

If you have the Saint Mirror as a gadget then it is recommended to put it in a corner and also put the mini like magic archer or Bowler behind Saint Mirror so that they attack the troops from a distance while the Saint Mirror protects it and reflect damage, it is also recommended to use to the Fisherman to fish a troop that is not close to Saint Mirror so that Skeleton King can take care of it later, and if you have the opportunity a goblin with a spear only to accompany and do damage with his ability, it is not recommended to use prince due to to what can interfere in the strategy and to save elixir.

Skeleton King
Spear Goblin
Magic Archer

The joke of this strategy is practically having at least one magic archer that at least has the first star, and that it is in front of our side so that it dies as quickly as possible and enters the super sauna so that it can then come out of it with the super power and do as much damage as possible, it is also recommended to have the skeleton king and Bowler behind protecting the super sauna and if a goblin with a spear oh prince has the opportunity to do damage with his abilities, this can usually vary in different ways depending on the rival deck.

Also as a note, you can do the same with the Bowler if it has the first 2 stars.

SK Magic Archer 4 clash
Skeleton King
Spear Goblin
Magic Archer

Created Mar 5, 2023 by YelkStudios


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconSpear Goblin
    3Star (Max) + 14 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconBowlerFisherman
  • 4 Elixir iconMagic ArcherPrince

About This Deck

The deck SK Magic Archer 4 clash was created by YelkStudios. This deck uses Skeleton King as the hero with Spear Goblin, Magic Archer, Bowler, Prince, and Fisherman as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 16, DPS at 13.1, and HP at 141.

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